You may think that surviving and prospering during a recession requires having a lot of money to begin with, but the most important element in successfully surviving a recession is to have the proper attitude.

You must believe you are capable of surviving an economic recession.

You must believe that you are smart enough to do so.

You must plan ahead and be prepared to face problems and obstacles. .

You must use your instincts to decide what path to follow.

You must have faith in yourself and in God.

You must be willing to make an effort.

You must come to grips with reality.

It is not going to do you any good to sit back and wait for what you presume are the inevitable consequences of a recession. You have to take action even before the event occurs.

Start saving as much as you can.

Eliminate high interest rate credit cards.

Refinance your mortgage on better terms.

Stop spending on luxuries.

Stop trying to live up to your neighbors.

Stop buying only brand name products.

Make sure you and your loved ones are properly insured.

Prepare to switch jobs.

Prepare to learn how to work from home.

Prepare to rely on your talents and interests.

Redefine the difference between needs and wants.

You may want to have a new car, a fancy new outfit, or a bigger home. That doesn’t mean that you need to have those things.

You can do with less and still be happy. You can learn to do more with less.

You can learn to be master of your own soul.

You can learn to be your own boss.

Take the time to analyze what your interests are, and what you are good at. Don’t overlook your hobbies. Some of these things can provide you with the basis for forming your own work at home business.

Be prepared that in an economic recession things are not going to be the same as they were.

Be prepared to change the way you do things.

Be prepared to survive and prosper. There is no magic formula. How well you survive and prosper during an economic recession depends on your ability to say to yourself – “Yes I Can.”

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