HOW TO BE YOUR OWN COACH teaches a step-by-step process that is witty, fun and insightful. Written by two self-made entrepreneurs, Steve Bookbinder and Jeff Goldberg, it's presented in a visually-arresting comic book format. The book poses and explains six simple questions to help the reader achieve their goals.

Steve Bookbinder's intriguing resume includes experience as a competitive swimmer, actor, stand-up comic, sales trainer and coach. Last year Steve decided that he wanted to be part of a local swim team that was going to attempt a successful relay across the English Channel. (It's the world's toughest open-water swim) Practicing what he preaches, Steve followed the "six questions" technique and in August 2008 he achieved his goal! Steve stated, "…swimming the English Channel, and proving to myself and my teammates that I could be an important part of the team, was my #1 goal. I was deeply committed to this goal and I applied all of the things we wrote about the book in order to prepare for this challenge. In fact, since we were writing the book while I was training, and I was determined that the book would be based on real-world experience rather than theory, I made sure that the book matched my life and my life matched the book. The English Channel swim proved that the book, and our method, works!"

Steve continued, explaining why he felt compelled to write this book, "The most successful people are those who somehow figure it all out. Now, as I look back on my career, I realize that much of what I was doing was about my attempt to do for others what no one had done for me!"

Jeff joined with Steve to write a book on time management but it soon morphed into a much more important project - goal achievement. According to Jeff, "There were lots of books and seminars on how to set goals, but not very many on how to actually make them happen. Having a goal is important but almost useless if you don't achieve it" Jeff's life experience as a professional speaker, trainer, sales executive and coach, as well as an actor and a "brief foray" into stand-up comedy, has helped create a book that is fun, entertaining and educational. Always up for a challenge, Jeff relates, "Jumping out of an airplane from over 13,000 feet was an experience that is almost impossible to describe and one that has served me well time and time again over the years. The thought of doing it was both inspiring and terrifying but it became a goal I had to achieve. Using our methodology helped me do just that and the experience of skydiving is something that's served me well in my personal and professional life. Whenever I feel hesitation or fear, whether in a business situation or something as common as asking a woman out on a date, I tell myself, "Hey, you jumped out of an airplane from 2 miles up. I'm pretty sure you can handle this! I don't advocate skydiving for everybody, but the techniques and questioning methodology we created for this book have worked for me and will work for you too."

Author's Bio: 

Steve Bookbinder presently runs the New York office of The Search Agency. (One of the top U.S. search engine marketing firms) Jeff Goldberg offers onsite workshops and keynote speeches (sales training and motivational for all types of people) as well as public seminars on success and goal achievement.