The importance of what we believe....

“Beliefs have the power to create and power to destroy”- a quote by Anthony Robins that I truly appreciate. Think of a time where you believed with utter certainty that you would achieve a goal? What were the things that you did to achieve that goal? How did your beliefs influence achieving your goal? I am curious to learn your stories- send an email to

When I notice negative thoughts arising, I remember the Buddha’s famous words, “we are what we think.”

The concept that “we are what we think” motivates me to let go of negative thoughts about me or others’. If I am my thoughts, then I want to be careful to think positively. If we start with the universal truth that we are born with equal capacity to be brilliant and creative and remain faithful to that truth, I find that thinking then serves to supports us as individuals while also supporting humanity overall. Suddenly, everything shifts to a lighter place with more energy, less problems, and less need for critical judgement... a much happier and brighter space from which to live.

The sweetness of now...

When we focus attention on the present moment, we are free from ruminating about the past and worrying about the future. Rumination, regret, and anxiety are proven to be negative. While in that place what or who can it possibly help? Catch your thoughts; bring them to the present.

We must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Without conscious realization, it’s easy to place blame on situations for why we fall short, when we do. The hard truth is we can’t blame others or circumstances for our imperfections. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves. When we realize we are blaming circumstances we assume responsibility where it rightfully belongs- with us.

Find things to do that pull you away from negative beliefs.

This is fun. Think of things to do that are truly enjoyable to you that help lift you out of the dumps. Listen to music, go for a walk, work in the garden, meditate, kick box, roller blade, fly a kite, cycle- do what you enjoy- do it not only to lift yourself from a negative moment, but also keep yourself feeling positively great. Do it because you deserve it. So often we forget to make time for the activities that we love.

Find your inspiration.

I have always turned to reading or media that inspires me. For me, it’s taking 20 minutes to listen to a Ted talk at and reading a few pages from a favourite book. Recently I started collecting quotes. Visit my site to sign up for my free newsletter and gain access to a free download of my quote collection. What inspires you? Set aside a few minutes each day to research a topic of personal interest to you.

Nurture social connections.

Reach out to friends and family who are supportive, positive, and non judgemental. Avoid those who are not. By nurturing positive relationships and letting go of negative ones we gain more energy to attract and create what we want more of by creating a life that reflects what we want more of. Negative people are a huge drain on our psychic and mental energy.

Be magnificent, and remember, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones you’ll start having positive results”.
~Willie Nelson

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