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Binaural beats.

"I always loved to learn something new. Nevertheless, up to a higher school, I never had fun learning and it had little success. There was a time when even satisfactorily quantified difficult. When I failed the exam, I had to take it again and again it until I received your note. After entering the university, I realized that I need a new strategy, as infinitely repeat examinations, as in college, there was not, and with all the forces of despair, I travelled in search of this new strategy. Fortunately, I found it, I was able to overcome its "inability" to learning through dimetilaminoetanol (DMAE), the component of the seafood, and binaural rhythms. The academic Sisyphean one turned to me in the exquisite balls, which led to a different level and transformed me as a person. I felt as if freed from life imprisonment. " Thus begins one of his articles Richard Kennerly-American scholar, researched the effects of listening to special combinations of sound variations, known as binauralnyh rhythms of mental fitness rights. What is behind the scientific term? If the tape sacred music to listen carefully, you can pick up as voters merge, creating a pulsing tone, the so-called beating. When voices or instruments converge in unison, run slower, and when the odds-accelerating.

Perhaps it was in the interests of only the musicians, if not Robert Monroe, which took effect study binauralnyh runout to the human conscience when listening through stereonaushniki. He revealed that when listening to the sounds close to the frequency of multi-channel (right and left), people feel the so-called binauralnye runout, or binauralnye rhythms. For example, when one ear hears clean tone with a frequency of 200 hertz, and the other pure tone with a frequency of 204 oscillations per second, the human brain hemisphere start working together, and as a result, he "hears" runout with frequency 204-200 = 4 variations per second, but it is not real external sound, but a "phantom". It was generated in the human brain only and adds up electromagnetic waves coming from the two hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. That is to synchronize the binaural rhythm Hemisphere observed in hypnotic and meditative state of consciousness. These rhythms can improve the functioning of the brain, because they help hearing conscientiously applied mezhpolusharnye brain at the desired frequency. Researchers EEG (EEG) discovered that by placing binauralnye rhythms on each other for several "layers" can create rhythmic activity of the brain in the right direction, and thus cause the person desired picture EEG (a picture of the fluctuations in the brain) and the associated state of consciousness, characterized by the picture. The human brain, there are four basic types of electrical variations, each with its bandwidth and state of mind in which he dominates. Beta-waves-the fastest (14-100 hertz). In normal waking state, these waves, mostly in the range of 14 to 40 hertz, dominated in our brain.

Beta-waves commonly associated with wakefulness, probuzhdennostyu concentration, cognition. Alfa-waves arise when we close our eyes and start passively to relax, not think about anything. Fluctuations in the brain is slowing down, and there are "surges" waves, fluctuations in the range of 8 to 13 per second. If we continue without a pause focus their thoughts, alfa-waves will be dominated throughout the brain, and we plunge into a pleasant state of tranquillity, referred to "alfa-state."

Teta-waves appear when calm, dripping vigil turns into drowsiness. Fluctuations in the brain become more slow and rhythmic, from 4 to 8 seconds. This condition is also called "Border", as people lies between wakefulness and sleep. Often in this state see unexpected images, with vivid memories, especially for children. Teta-state offers access to free association, ozareniyam unexpected, creative ideas.

Delta-waves beginning to dominate when we sinking into sleep. They are slower than teta-waves because of the frequency of less than 4 hertz. Nevertheless, there is increasing evidence that some people would be delta-state, fully aware of what is happening. Typically, this happens in the deep transovyh or "non-physical" state. Using binauralnyh rhythms is very simple and at the same time a powerful influence on the Study of brain activity, particularly for accelerated learning. The aforementioned study by Richard Kennerley has been shown that the broadcast superimposed with binauralnymi rhythms beta-diapazone been reliable in improving the memory of the students. In the West, production of audio binauralnymi rhythms to enhance intellectual capacities are about a dozen studios. A reference is the product of Monroe, a pioneer and veteran leader and advanced audio-tehnology. Monroe Institute is studying altered state of consciousness and perception NEMisync audio technology for more than 30 years. A study of effective incentives for entering these states are initially based on the use of bio-feedback while listening binauralnyh rhythms, and later using EEG technology. Robert Monroe tested in the laboratory a lot of people to consider their response to stimulation binauralnymi rhythms. Similar records on the impact of a rhythm to everyone. Then binauralnye rhythms confused, and then there was the reaction to the test. After months (and in some cases, years) of experiments begun identify common patterns reaction test certain combinations of rhythms.

Studies show that binaural rhythms in the alfa-diapazon are ideal for learning new information, data, facts, any material that should be readily available in your memory.

Teta-diapazon is perfect for the uncritical acceptance of outside plant because its rhythms disable protective psychological mechanisms and provide an opportunity to transform information penetrate deeply into the consciousness. That is the message that to change your behavior or attitudes of others, entered the subconscious without critical evaluation, which is inherent to the waking state, it is best to expose them to teta-diapazona rhythms. If the test material is informative, it is best to begin with a programme frequencies beta-rhythm and then gently lower it to alfa-rhythm. In this mode should be listening to the end of your curriculum. In late session frequency should be re-elevated to the level of wakefulness. Those who want to learn as a result of changes in behaviour and attitudes must also start with frequencies beta-diapazona and lowering them to teta-diapazona. In this mode should be listening to the end of the curriculum, then the frequency should be again raised to a level of wakefulness. Both types of training to be useful by the rhythms alpha - theta-band or even a few minutes after the completion of the program, before raising the frequency back to beta-rhytm and return to a normal state of consciousness. The more people working with binauralnymi broadcasts, the better to initiate and support in my brain alpha-and teta-rhytms. He produced so-called fifth state of consciousness, "awakened mind." The illumination of people see the world as clear as ever, but it is filled with new meaning for him. This experience of illumination is at the heart of all good scientific theories, literary ideas, revolutionary inventions and works of art. The technology makes your brain turn minds inward, unleashing the creative hidden in each room and gradually opening up "a clear understanding." An unusual side effect of these programs is to reduce the need for sleep. Some people, thus, reduce the duration of daily sleep of 3-4 hours feeling normal morning after eight hours of rest. Recent studies confirm that a state of consciousness with a picture of the brain rhythms, and this explains why people can arbitrarily change them, to a large extent can control their mental and physiological functions. As reported back in the mid-1970s, Elmer and Alice Green of the Mennindzher Institute, "just cause in his brain teta-aktivity for a few minutes a day, you bring a great benefit, strengthening the immune system, increasing creativity and including integration processes leading to a sense of mental equilibrium." Researchers biological feedback found that people who are supposed to be in "teta-state" broaden their minds, sverhvospriimchivost to acquire new information and show great potential for learning at a subconscious level. Even more striking results in chronic alcoholics observation group at the University of Colorado. After 13 weeks, during which time these people trained and generate teta- alfa-waves, they experienced a significantly higher rate of recovery than usual, along with the complete transformation of personality. Based on his experience, I myself believe that even a few minutes of listening to the soundtracks teta-rhytms turn my thoughts in exciting fusion of fantastic images, the leading brand in depth internal spaces. This unparalleled joy, understand what treasures hidden in the depths and retrieve them on the surface of the brain. And this feeling persists after listening to several hours. After minute session, you can feel your body completely updated, light, air, a clear head, etc. I always feel good after these sessions. Some believe that the daily work of this kind for 30 minutes a subtle but steady change in life : growing ekstrasensoric perception, and this new level of consciousness is gradually becoming the norm.
As an example of the program, that can generate binaural beats you can try BrainWave Stimulator software, that is a part of the Subliminal Messages package.

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