Can a person lose 70 pounds really fast using hypnosis?

I was asked this question from a high school student looking to lose weight for an upcoming cheerleader tryout. The tryout was in a couple of weeks. There are some very powerful responses that are available using hypnosis but there are physical and health issues at risk when looking to lose weight rapidly.

70 pounds is a significant amount of weight to lose, and unfortunately doing anything drastic to lose that amount of weight rapidly will result in horrible health consequences, as well as creating a problem with how you look due to sagging skin. So first off you need to know that a sensible consistent program for weight loss and weight management will be your best solution. This will probably not enable you to take off a significant amount of weight by Monday, but you will be on your way to getting to your proper weight so by this time next year you will not be in this situation.

What You Need To Know

With that said, your best procedure is to first identify what are your current behaviors that are causing you to gain that much weight in the first place. Are you eating too much? Are you eating the wrong foods, are you eating at the wrong places? Are you taking in more calories than you are burning? These are the first questions you need to ask so that you can establish a program to get you back into shape and start living the life that will make you happy and healthy.

Here are some tips to use in answer to some of those questions.

Eating Too Much

If you are eating too much then 30 minutes before each meal, drink a glass of water. This will help hydrate you and will satisfy any thirst that might have been misinterpreted as hunger. This also does fill you up a little so that you will be able to control any desire to overeat when you do sit down to a meal.

Eating The Wrong Foods

If you are eating the wrong foods, then plan a menu that is healthier. Start by eating more fresh foods, like fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Choose healthier proteins. Stay away from processed foods, and fried foods.

Eating In The Wrong Places

If you are eating in the wrong places, set yourself some boundaries. Make a pact with yourself that you will not eat unless you are sitting down at a table that is designated as an eating place. This could be your kitchen table, dining room table, the cafeteria table. Think about how this will eliminate a lot of the snacking that you have been doing mindlessly in front of the tv or the computer, or even walking around.

Are You Really Overweight?

Find out if you are really overweight or not. Just because you want to be at a certain weight, doesn't necessarily mean that you are overweight. A good place to find out if your body mass index is correct for you. Do a search on the internet for a BMI calculator and check out your own body mass index so you can monitor it to find out when you are in the normal range.

You can use self hypnosis to start getting your mind and emotions on track with your conscious desire to lose weight. These are simple yet powerful techniques meant to be used to reset the programming of our birth. To eat the right amount of food for nourishment. To stop using food as a means of comfort and distraction. With self hypnosis you can put yourself back on track.

In Summary

Thinking of going out for the cheerleading squad is a great idea! Congratulations on finding a real important reason to help motivate you to reach your goal of becoming thinner and healthier. Give yourself the time it will take to change your habits and responses. Start eating healthy foods in proper amounts keeping the end goal of becoming a cheerleader in your sights.

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