When I was born into this world, I was only a helpless human dependent on strangers I would come to know as Mom and Dad. I would watch them as they argued and fought leaving me feeling helpless and powerless for, afterall, I am only human. Then, as I grew into a young child, I witnessed more anger and violence in my school as well as my home but, yet, I felt helpless and powerless for, again, I am only human, Lord! Then, as I continued to grow into a young adult, I have gained life experience as well as an education and, I have learned how to read, write, and do mathematics but, yet, I still do not know how to stop the violence around me for, afterall, I am only human, Lord! Then, one day, I went to church and, learned about a person named Jesus who came to the earth as a baby who, like me, witnessed a world of violence and anger but, yet, he was powerless and helpless for, afterall, he was only human, But, as He grew, He acquired great wisdom that was not of this world as well as compassion which grew within him great courage to take on the evil in His world and overcome it. So, Jesus grew into a man who was filled with Holy Power or The Holy Spirit which empowered Him to be able to overcome the evil in His world with love . He healed the sick, delivered the oppressed, encouraged the depressed and died for the lost so they could find hope. I then finally figured out how to overcome the violent world around me whereas, I, too, need this Holy Power/Holy Spirit which will fill me with divine love, compassion and courage as well as give me divine wisdom to impart to people to teach them a better way to live. I am now His voice to the voiceless and His presence to those in darkness and His deliverer to those who are oppressed. Now, that Mom and Dad know Him, they don't fight no more and, my school does not bully anyone anymore and my world has obtained hope. Could the answer to all the violence be as simple but, yet, as powerful as this-one man named Jesus? Why not find out?

Author's Bio: 

I reside in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John Tate who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. I also witnessed domestic violence in my childhood and I was bullied in school. I found strength and courage in the Word of God and, Jesus taught me how to overcome that which was coming against me through faith. Today, I am the founder of The Hope Network which provides educational support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. I achieve my mission by rebuilding faith, restoring confidence and renewing hope in Jesus after trauma.