It seems like a very intense time for most people right now. I think thoughts and emotions are filled with anxiety. Mass consciousness is really experiencing fear and anxiety as the economy comes to this pivotal point. People are experiencing safety issues and this is causing intense feelings of stress which manifests in the physical body.

The root chakra, is located at the base of the spine at the tailbone, and the pubic bone in the front. This center or chakra is associated with the basic needs for survival, security and safety. It is powerfully related to our connection to Mother Earth, assisting us in becoming grounded. Many of us are experiencing an imbalance in this area and may be feeling fearful, anxious, insecure, and frustrated. It is difficult to manifest material abundance when we are not grounded.

I recognize that my root chakra is out of balance and that I really need to look at issues associated with what is causing this situation. Physical ailments are popping up within me. I started getting a throbbing pain in my lower back a few days ago, when I looked it up in Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your LIfe" I was not at all surprised to be reminded that the area where I was experiencing this discomfort was my root chakra. The region in the lower back is associated with rejection of sexuality, fear, financial insecurity, stuck in childhood pain and an inability to accept pleasure.

Once I identified that what was manifesting in my physical body has a root cause in my emotional body and thoughts I was able to go inward and clear the issues at the deepest level. I created sacred time to meditate, facilitate energy work on myself and ask the Archangels to assist me in clearing the energy blocks. I also needed to take the time to quiet my thoughts with loving reminders that I am safe and protected. I went into each area that was feeling the stuck emotion and really brought the breath to that area to help in dislodging the manifestation.

These intense times are bringing up our core issues to be cleared at the root cause. Even if you thought that you already dealt with your particular issues, they may be rearing their ugly head once again to be revisited. It seems that right now, we need to really deal with our core. The message we are receiving is, as we really process these issues we'll be free to go to the next level unencumbered by the past.

I am seeing that I am able to handle issues, that in the past evoked a certain reaction, I can now handle with much more confidence, ease and assertion. I am being shown that I really am in my Divine power and I can handle what comes my way.
As we are clearing our root issues we are experiencing a lot of physical manifestations. Some of the physical characteristics are weight gain due to holding in the fear, outbreak of pimples, aches and pains, cold, sinuses or the flu, disrupted sleep patterns, extreme fatigue and a revisit of old injuries.
These ailments occur as we clear toxins from our body and then integrate the healed emotions and thoughts. This is a powerful energetic time to deal with our "stuff" and clear it once and for all.

Take time to check in with your physical body and honor what is happening. If you let it go too long before clearing it, it will really take root and it will be much more difficult to heal. Being with the discomfort, acknowledging and then breathing through it, is so powerful. Honor your need for rest and comfort. Nurture yourself and allow others to nurture you.
This is a major step in our growth process by simply acknowledging, honoring and clearing the physical body, which will lead us to integrating at the core of our be-ing. This is truly how we will go to the next level. Be proud of yourself.


Dear Archangel Michael,

Please cut the cords of attachment that are draining me of energy and vitality. I ask that anything that isn't for my highest good and greatest joy be removed from my being and be transmuted to another form.

Please assist me in releasing all the fears, anxiety, worry, tension and insecurity that is preventing me from experiencing true peace and well-ness.

Please show me how to cleanse my body, mind and spirit of all negativity and infuse me with your presence and peace.

I choose to be a vehicle of One-ness, filled with happiness, love and peace. I shed and release all that no longer serves me so that I can take my core being to the next level. I take one step higher, one step closer to You.

And so it is.


Author's Bio: 

Stefanie Miller, BA is an intuitive spiritual healer with a degree in Education. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner" by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Stefanie specializes in soul focused healing and includes angelic and elemental energies in all of her healing, teaching and writing work. Stefanie is also a certified Elementary School Teacher in Broward County, Florida and has done extensive research on the topic of Indigo and Crystal Children. In addition to private counseling sessions, Stefanie regularly conducts workshops to assist the parents of Indigo Children by introducing unique strategies and teaching methods based on metaphysical and spiritual principles. Stefanie's gentle and compassionate nature supports both parents and children along their sacred path.