Your intuition is you as a soul communicating with your mind and body. It is those gentle nudgings that may occur to you as hunches, visual imagery, feelings, or maybe even whispers. When we talk about intuition, we are talking about information that is being passed to you that you would have no other way of knowing.

We’ve all experienced situations where we knew the next song that was going to be played on the radio, we thought about someone and then they called us, or that we thought about someone earlier and then ran into them at a store later that same day. This is all information that you did not know, but were provided from the highest source, which is divine intelligence (aka God).

We all have occasional intuitive experiences, but it is possible to live with a constant flow of intuitive information to act from. The key is to remain open to intuitive information at all times, and to trust it. The more we can listen to it and follow the direction it points us in, the more we will clearly receive and understand the messages we receive. The more we do what is suggested, the more we will trust that our intuition is always working with what’s best for us in mind. What’s best for us from the soul’s perspective is what we say we want and need in our lives.

To have more intuitive information flow into your life, it’s important to maintain a state of receptivity to it. In other words, you must always be listening for your intuition. It will speak to you as often as you allow it to. Therefore, when making big decisions, know that you will receive an intuitive insight into it. In fact, make it a habit to wait until you get the insight before you make the decision. It comes in a flash, so you won’t need to wait long for it.

We create our own obstacles to our intuition. One of those obstacles is the “white noise” of our mind. That is, the mental thought traffic that never seems to stop. The endless sea of thought after thought after thought. The simultaneous chorus of these thoughts form “white noise.” As the saying goes, sometimes you can’t even hear yourself think. This is the unending mental traffic. As you get more and more into meditation, this “white noise” will quiet down, and eventually cease. As you move closer and closer to no white noise, your intuitive impressions will become clearer and clearer. You’ll know them as your intuition and not your own made up though, because they will always be based completely in unconditional love.

Another obstacle to us hearing our intuition is our judgments. We tend to judge everything. Our judgments are usually based on what we already know, meaning we compare information against our past experiences. Information that is similar to what we deem as good past experiences are judged as good, and information that is similar to what we deem as bad past experiences are judged as bad. Because intuitive impressions are not based on your experience, and are instead based on a higher intelligence, you may not know how to judge it. In truth, you should not judge it at all. However, because you don’t know how to categorize it, you may dismiss it all together or deem it bad if you can’t convincingly call it good, and not follow its direction. After you’ve seen the results of your decisions, you’ll say something like, “I knew I should have followed my first thought!” How many times have you said that? Maybe that’s a hint for you to trust the next time you receive these intuitive impressions.

Fear of the unknown is yet another obstacle to following your intuition. If you are afraid to do something different because you don’t know how it will turn out, then trusting your intuition will be the last thing you’ll want to do. However, we must realize the truth about the future here. We never know how things will turn out. The future is not written. If you are afraid of uncertainty, then you most likely survive by doing the same things that you’ve always done in the past, receiving the same results. However, those results are not guarantees. In doing this, you provide yourself the illusion of predictability, but it is just an illusion. You cannot determine results with complete certainty. The future is always uncertain. Now, intuitive nudges come from the ultimate organizing power in the universe. This is information from the largest intelligence agency ever created. If you can’t trust this information, you can’t trust any. And if you can’t trust any, you might as well trust the best you have available, which will be your intuition!

As you listen more and more to yourself as soul through your intuition, you will receive more and more information from that part of you which is God. This will ultimately lead to clarity, better decisions, a quiet confidence, and a knowing that things will always turn out exactly as they should.

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