The majority of life coaching approaches just scratch the surface of our human existence. They try to change the way we think, and hope that this will alone produce lasting results. Experience proves, however, that in common with the other forms of brain-washing and self-hypnosis so prevalent in our modern culture, the illusion doesn’t last. What happens in reality always falls far short of the advertised effects.
But, as adults responsible for our own lives, there's another route we can take - an ancient journey that will take us to the fundamental human truths stored in the bone and marrow of our total being. The intangible part of us that we call 'intuition' digs deep into the collective unconscious - the transpersonal source of myth and magical beings, common to all mankind.

Intuition is the royal road that leads to the re-discovery within ourselves of these ancient images. Transcending changing concepts of ‘good or ‘bad’, they have retained their power for countless millennia. These inner figures are not arbitrary figments of the personal imagination, but are universal in scope, ranging across cultures, individuals, and historical periods. Not only does the subjective content they represent have meaning, but it also has reality. The human psyche, even though it is intangible, is, like nature, a given - a thing-in-itself.

The ability to be who we really are - to act intuitively from our true centre - is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. To get in touch with our authentic being is to recognise our real needs and desires and to be able to express them to others. Once we widen the horizon of our consciousness and develop our intuitive potential, we find ourselves with the ability to know and express ourselves and to communicate much more effectively. Our material, career and personal achievements are much more likely to become 'realised', in the true sense of the word.

The unitive approach to life coaching can lead to a total awareness of the underlying truth of what's really happening at any given moment. It demonstrates how you can transcend an out-dated, problematic way of living. It facilitates an awareness of those previously unexamined, habitual patterns of self-denial that have distanced you from your instinctive survival mechanisms and prevented you from effectively responding to events in the present, By focusing the light of consciousness on that which you were previously unaware, it will open up your way towards a lasting sense of individual wholeness.

Author's Bio: 

Charles Bentley's unitive approach to coaching has evolved as a result of many years experience in the field of human potential.
Over the last thirty years he has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA as a professional agent of change with many international companies and a wide range of institutions. Dr. Bentley lives in Westminster, central London, and has a wide-ranging and varied coaching clientele that includes media personalities, entrepreneurs and professionals in the business and corporate world, entertainment and the arts.