Abundance The dictionary defines abundance in two ways, as affluence; a lifestyle with more then adequate material possessions, and as a fullness of spirit that overflows. When I speak of abundance most people think of an affluent lifestyle but I am actually referring to both meanings. I believe that a fullness of spirit is more important than material abundance. When I am working with my coaching clients we work on all these levels, financial abundance without a fullness of spirit has little meaning and doesn't offer them the inner fulfillment they seek.

In today's world most of us have too many items on our daily Things To Do list and an over scheduled appointment calendar. Do you have a strong desire to create more success in your live but don't see how you can create it? Do you feel like your life is already too full, how can you take on more?

You must develop clarity and focus, and realize that your busyness is frequently used as an excuse to keep you in your comfort zone. As long as you don't have time you can not be expected to grow your business, write your book, or take a challenging class or workshop. You can have all that you want and dream about but it will require a price - you must be willing to develop an awarness of what is really holding you back and make the changes required to over come them.

What is your dream of abundance, abundance of affluence and abundance of spirit? Where would you like to live and travel? How would you spend your time if money wasn't an issue? What are your values and how can you live them in a bigger way? Are you willing to do what you have never done before? You can become the creator of your life instead of being a victim of circumstance. Are you ready?

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Patty Tolar – her clients call her The Abundance Coach. Are you living the life of your dreams? With Patty’s guidance you can break through the barriers that are preventing you from living the life you truly desire. She can guide you to reach your highest potential, a life of infinite possibilities and abundance! Sign up for her free newsletters or contact her at www.pattytolar.com