Spring is a great reminder of abundance - the sun's rays, blooming flowers amidst a plethora of green hues, sounds of birds and bees ... yes, there is abundance all about.

This brings to mind the times where I've been so eager looking forward to spring and day after day I'd be looking for the temperatures to rise first to 30 degrees, then 40/50 and followed up 60/70's. Spring is here with a whopping 80 degrees today.

I get all excited. The thought followed up by being outdoors, be it at the crack of dawn sipping tea, reading and listening to the birds, working in my garden, taking my grandson for a walk, making plans to whitewater raft or sitting out on the patio in the late night reviewing the days events and contemplating the next day, acknowledging the magnificence of my life. It is abundant.

Acknowledging abundance is a choice and it's also perception.
Some will find their thoughts with spring's arrival meaning there's a lot of the work to be done, including lawn mowing, pruning, weeding, planting, the gutters emptied and more, not a minute to spare - not their idea of abundance - the only thing abundant is the amount of work - and after all, when the 'work' is done there's always something else to be done.

Some people look at the cup half full while others will look at the same cup and view it half empty. Isn't it great to have choice?

I too have had the latter approach about many things in my life. One that comes to mind is paper work - "there's always paper work to be done". I've been known to complain, procrastinate, and justify to myself that under-the-wire-stress is a good thing; I've even dropped the ball. The price I've paid literally and figuratively convinced me there had to be a better way.

Rather than looking at the wholeness of the project sending me into overwhelm, I break it into small chunks along with delegating myself a chunk per day or if needed, one chunk in the morning and another in the afternoon. Sometimes I get so excited about my accomplishments I whiz right thru.

Taking mini breaks to stretch, breathe, drink water, and laugh are good for refreshing and great for the next segment.

I already know what I don't want so I ask myself what I do want and what's one thing I can do - or who do I know that can help - I make a list of three and contact them.

Playing consequences or rewards with my self can be a clear cut incentive - I can do it in my head though the power of putting in on paper (a line down the center with consequences on one side and rewards on the other) can be insightful.

I've noticed when I'm experiencing a 'I don't want to and you're not going to make me' (my inner dialogue), my resistance is high (and I used to think being stubborn was a virtue), I use EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - an excellent tool - great for releasing stress and many issues.

Lastly, in addition to the variety of tools mentioned I've been using a process called Dianetic's to clear the really deep core issues. WOWzer's !!! - even with all the personal work I've done, saying - "I've worked that issue" - only to be surprised with the thorough effectiveness of this tool. The clarity and objectivity are unequaled.

The choices available to me are abundant - yes, even the paper work (I found a better way!).

May your day be filled with choices supporting you

I'm off to enjoy more spring ...

Happy thoughts,


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Happy thoughts ... make a great day!

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