There are many kinds of grief in the world today for, this world is always bringing with it loss. We begin to learn about loss early in life as a child when we lose pets, friends as we progress through our educational years, boyfriends as we progress through our dating years, and, we lose jobs as we progress through our careers. Some losses can be traumatic such as the loss of a parent due to a catastrophic illness such as Cancer or Heart disease or the loss of a friend due to a car accident. These losses leave wounds and scars that can be re-opened anytime we experience loss thus complicating the grief process.

As the economy tries to figure out it's next move, we, it's dependents and consumers, have had to suffer major loss and are left feeling shaken, confused, anxious, depressed and angry. We are suffering from traumatic job loss grief for, it was not our fault that we lost our jobs but, it was because of other's irresponsible behavior. So, we are now wounded and, the wounds from the past are complicating the present wounds and, the grieving we did not do in the past now has to be combined with the grieving we must do now. Thus, the pain and sorrow are unbearable and, all we want is someone to blame and to be held responsible. We also want our lost security back and, in the meantime, we want to find relief for the pain and fear.

May I suggest where you may find true relief and peace from your traumatic job loss grief? Now, you could go to food, alcohol, drugs, or even turn to violence but, none of this will work and, besides, it is expensive. My suggestion is that you try a spiritual route whereas, when the natural world lets you down, why not try the spiritual world. Why not find out who you truly are, why you are, and let divine intervention and wisdom step up and offer support, hope and healing? Why not learn how people in history handled crisises such as the one we find ourselves in for, afterall, history does repeat itself. So, what worked in the past may work again. So, it is time to be teachable and learn from those who have gone before you how God helped them overcome trauma to find hope and meaning within their lives.

What do you have to lose or, rather, look at what you have to gain which is true wisdom that, when applied, may just be the answers you are looking for. Thus, the cure for traumatic job loss grief is to replace it with true spiritual destiny which is why you have really been placed on the earth. Give it a shot!

Author's Bio: 

My name is Biancia Tate and, I reside in Lynchburg Virginia with my husband John who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. John's brain injury resulted in both of us leaving our careers, losing our intimate relationship which would mean no children, and full of grief and sorrow. Thus, I pursued a spiritual path and read the bible and found that loss precedes great destiny. So, I concluded that my life had been interrupted by a Sovereign God and that the real reason I was on the earth was being brought to light. Thus, I have founded an online ministry called The Hope Empowerment Evangelistic Worship Center whose mission is to provide spiriutal support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. I invite you to visit us at Let me know if I have been helpful to you. Thanks and God Bless.