Journal writing allows one a safe place to explore new ideas, clarify values, and practice integrity. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to re-connect with your Inner Wizard. Through frequent journaling you can engage in an ongoing conversation with your Inner Wizard who is always there, within you, ready to guide you forward on your life journey and make the choices that will turn your dreams into reality.

Keeping a journal is different than keeping a diary or logbook. The primary difference is journaling is inward focused where a diary or logbook as outward focused. A journal is a record of self-examination rather than a simple itemization of daily events. Through the journaling process you will explore parts of yourself, ask your innermost questions and record the answers you receive. Your truths.

The top 20 benefits of journaling are:

1. Builds self-awareness and confidence.
2. Clarifies thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
3. Identifies pre-supposed and attached ‘meanings’ to events that are not truth.
4. Enables conscious observation of life experiences.
5. Provides a platform for free self-expression.
6. Clarifies desires and passions.
7. Offers new perspectives.
8. Increases focus.
9. Facilitates the internal processing of events and thoughts.
10. Reveals patterns.
11. Strengthens your values.
12. Discover your responsibility in life experience cause and effect.
13. Brings clarity of thought where fog and uncertainty prevailed.
14. Helps you feel better about yourself.
15. Allows the discovery of new possibilities.
16. Removes the ‘charge’ by retelling the story.
17. Is honest and non-judgmental.
18. Gives voice to your feelings.
19. Quiets your Inner Critic.
20. Returns your personal power to your Inner Wizard.

Journaling is a process that is integral in turning your dreams into reality.

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Author's Bio: 

As Founder of the International Association for Inner Wizards ™ I am able to enlighten and inspire the members to express their Inner Wizard and to turn their dreams into reality as I have. The Members are also encouraged to influence others to do the same. Imagine a world where everyone achieves his or her fullest potential! Collectively, and as individuals, we can be the change we seek in this world.

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