My daughter's 4th grade basketball team has a problem. Their problem isn't a lack of desire to win the game, or even a lack of talent. Actually, they're GUNG HO to do whatever it takes to score. So, what's the problem? When they get the ball they often find themselves in a big huddle with the other team. Before they know what hit them, they find themselves in cramped quarters, unable to think clearly, pass the ball, set up a play, or take a shot.

And so it goes for many of us. We have a deep burning desire to follow our passions so we set goals to get us where we want to go. Our desire for a purpose-filled life leads the way. And then it happens. Life gets in the way. Other people, events and situations seem to pop out of nowhere - challenging us, questioning us and leading us to doubt our best intentions. Before we know it we can't think straight or hear our own thoughts. We lose our desire. We may even forget we once had a goal we cared about.

For example: You've set a goal to take your business to the next level. Your goal makes you feel like you're moving forward and that makes you feel great. You strategize and plan and start making headway until the unexpected happens: You lose a client, discover your website revisions are going to cost more than expected, and out of the blue someone criticizes your work. Or maybe something happens in your personal life that impacts your work life in a profound way; you move, end a relationship or become ill.

Suddenly there is very little space between you, your goal to take your business to the next level and the outside world. You can't think straight and feel like you're spinning out of control.

What's the solution? How can you stay on track, no matter what the outside world dishes out?

In the case of my daughter's team, they're learning to spread out. By putting more space between each other and the other team, they create an environment in which they can succeed. This one simple strategy gives them the space they need to think clearly, set up their play and take the shot.

You can create the space you need to succeed too, with these 5 tips.

1. Set GOALS that EXCITE you and then take action. Setting goals that excite you give you the energy boost and focus you need to see them through to the end. Don't even think of taking action on a goal that feels ho-hum. When you find a goal that excites you, then, and only then, take action.

2. Every so often, PAUSE and get a view of what's going on around you. Starting out GUNG HO is great, but don't forget to pause every so often to regain your perspective. Pay attention to what's going on in the world around you. By doing so, you'll notice upcoming challenges that could derail your best intentions.

3. Re-CENTER yourself. Re-centering yourself requires a re-balancing of where you are in relationship to what's happening in the world around you. Re-centering allows you to notice what's happening, as an observer, before you become a participant in something that doesn't serve your higher purpose.

4. CHOOSE your next best move. When you react to the world around you, you've thrown your ability to choose right out the window. By taking the steps above you'll give yourself more time to think, plan and take action on the next best move you can take to keep yourself on track.

5. REPEAT 1-4, as needed. Have you heard the term "zig zag" your way to success? Said in a different way, the road to success is never a straight line. You will encounter obstacles along the way. But as they say in sports, the best defense is a great offense, so repeat steps 1-4 often.

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