“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

–Dale Carnegie

As you know, it is a new year! The year 2006! Every year more than 90% of americans come up with New Year’s resolutions. Most of them never start even start thier goals, a few start but never finish or follow through and even fewer yet accomplish what they set out to do. So why do so many people fail before they even start and so few people make thier dreams come true? Motivations and Plans! Every one of the people who have New Year’s resolutions have the ability to accomplish what they set out to do. Some people find the motivation to start, but can’t finish. Others have a plan but no motivation to follow it. Others do neither. Those who succeed have a well laid out plan and the motivation to make it happen.

What is YOUR motivation?
Everyone has something different that motivates them. Some people have heart problems or diabetes. Some people want to share a healthy life with thier kids or family. Others are working towards a race or end product. Motivational stories and quotes can help inspire and drive people also. Whatever it is, in any area of your life, you need to find YOUR motivation. You need to Explore YOUR world within! Once you find your motivation, it’s not automatically easy to do what you need to do. You may need to put up motivational reminders or carry with you something that brings out what inspires you. Constant daily reminders. Take time in the next few days and dig inside yourself and find what you motivation is to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions.

Make yourself a PLAN!
Now that you are motivated, you need to make a plan. A fitness plan, a nutrition plan, a financial plan, a personal development plan etc. Whatever your goal is you need to have a plan. A map to how you are going to accomplish what you want. This should be written or typed and laid out in simple easy steps that keep you heading towards your goal. One way to create a plan is to start with your main goal and break it down into easy action steps or smaller goals.

For example If you want to lose 5lbs your goals could include:
# Join a gym
# Join a fitness group
# take a nutrition class

Then for each goal you can make a checklist of what you need to do to accomplish those goals:

Join a gym:
__ List what i want in a gym (personal training, pool, spa, classes etc.)
__ Research gyms in my area
__ Go in to gym for tour/talk with sales department
__ Join gym

And you would do this for all of your goals leading up to the main goal. All of your goals should have a due date so you are keeping a good pace at working towards your resolutions or goals. They should be measurable. Instead of saying i want to look better word it in a way where you will KNOW when you have accomplished it. I want to wear a size 6… or i want to lose 5lbs. Both of those can be measured and you will know exactly when you reach it. Your goals should also be realistic. A goal of being president of the United States next year if you are not old enough or have no experience is an unrealistic goal. A goal of being president of the United States by the time you are 55 is much more realistic. Set yourself up for seccess, make small steps in the right direction at a reasonable pace and you will succeed. If you make a mistake or fall down, it’s ok. Just pick yourself back up, learn from it and keep going.

Failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently. - Henry Ford

If you need help on making a plan or finding your motivation, you are not alone. You can join groups like Fitness From the Inside Out or you can get one on one coaching to help you get there faster. The most elite athletes in the world have coaches. The most successful and influential business people have coaches also. Both of those groups know a lot about the areas they work in, but know the value of having a team working with them and for them to help them get where they want to be. Find your motivation, make a plan and take action! Your dreams and goals ARE within your reach. Don’t give up and it’s always nice to have a little help!

Kerri Wood
Life and Fitness Coach

Author's Bio: 

Kerri Wood is a Life and Fitness Coach living in beautiful Bellingham Washington. She is a graduate of the Foundational Course - Basic Coach Training Intensive Program through the Institute for Life Coach Training and is continuing there to get her Professional Coach Certification. She works with successful men and women who want to create life balance and gain or maintain health and wellness. Working with groups and individuals allows her to reach even more people and share her passion for life-balance and making health a lifesyle not a task. For more information or to contact Kerri you can go to her website www.adventureon.net or email her at kerri.wood@adventureon.net.