Using affirmations as contemplative reminders of who we are helps keep us balanced. It is a first step in claiming your self-worth which is the foundation behind embracing the true self.

Your true self is not defined by any external circumstances – it is the power within you to create the life you choose. It is the part of you that is one with the Divine. It’s non-negotiable and the one, great equalizer between all men and women. We’re all made from the same soul substance, equally valued and divine. It makes sense to think of our entire universal operating system as the All.

Know yourself as an Image of Divine Power

Identifying with imagery of our source makes us feel more connected within a world filled with disappointments, distractions, and strife and many who choose to negate their true self. We need to see ourselves reflected in images of the Divine we can relate to. It reminds us of who we are, which is infinite, unlimited substance. Remember, you came here to learn, evolve your soul, and grow your ability to demonstrate your nature through a physical experience.

Lack of Self-Esteem and Self-Worth is Faulty Thinking

We are in charge of manifesting a world which is a product of our collective thought processes. If we don’t value ourselves, we’re going to demonstrate a devalued world. We will create a world that is less than worthy of what we can be, our creations won’t serve the greater good. Lacking self-worth is faulty thinking and is reflected in our relationships, workplaces, and even communities. Consequently, we might not realize our power, and feel powerless. We will create and live within experiences that diminish our power because that is where we chose to mentally reside.

We are Intellect and Emotion

Life is a soul journey filled with both intellect (what is in our minds) and our emotion (our expression and physical presence). Our job is to use the power that is in our minds and our bodies as a vehicle of expression for what we think! It is the very reason we are here. So, be sure to value your “self” and joyously appreciate this lifetime. It is a wonderful opportunity to express your nature, here and now. You are evolving your soul, and the intellect of the Divine, through your human experience – the joys as well as pain. It’s our greatest challenge. It’s our soul work, our very reason for signing on for this ride.

So, how can understanding the feminine principle help?

Feminine Principle Defined

Ernest Holmes, in The Science of Mind said that the feminine principle is the “universal soul.” In humankind, it is the subjective or subconscious intelligence. The feminine principle is sometimes referred to as the Womb of Nature and The Holy Mother because it is receptive to Spirit or divine idea. “She” gives birth to the ideas of Spirit and is represented in many world religions as various aspects of Divine Mother, or of the Goddess.

Among her many facets, she symbolizes our experience in the physical world as a cyclical, sacred, and transformative journey. It’s a way we complete our self-development. When we integrate both masculine and feminine aspects of our existence, we are not just valuing our transcendent aspect. We are deeply valuing our immanent aspect, our time spent on earth to demonstrate the Divine through what we do. She is represented as Emotion, or Mother God, as the counterpart to the intellect, or Father God principle.

The true self has both elements - yin and yang, or the masculine and feminine. You are also a composite of the physical, and the mental as a total experience of who you are. You are matter and you matter. You are worthy when you believe you have self-worth. And, you have an opportunity to harness your already wonderful capabilities, which is the God and Goddess force within you. It is searching to demonstrate itself through you.
We all have our own individual channel the Divine operates on. It’s just a matter of how we choose to think.

Regularly Affirm Who You Are!

Let’s affirm this image of co-creation of the life force we all share:

“I am conscious of who I am. I am my true self. I am both Mother and Father. I am loved and beloved, and I am in love with my true self. My self-worth is a reflection of my true power, which reaches everywhere at once. I am a marvelous spark of the Divine and celebrate my remarkable learning journey. I am timeless, living without boundary, and full of my beautiful, unique, and divine self.”

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