The crystals grow layer over layer, intertwining each wave of creation with the next. Each ray of light penetrates the structure and encodes itself. The rhythm & pulse of the omniverse secretes itself in tender harmonies into this glowing weave of light. The moons wax and wane. The central sun embroiders its imprint on the fruits of its labors day after day, turning the keys to the fulfillment of its purpose. The supple, fluent verses of interplay between the elements filter into the strands of light and alter their information. Over the millennia this ever-changing story, shown through the divine reflection of the crystals, will be known & felt in subtle frequencies that interact with each person who experience them. Each person will interpret the crystals in their own unique way.
The focus and intent of the high priestess was to heal all separation in the grand temple in the corner of Lemuria that today we know of as Sedona. She was a graceful sprite. The many colored ribbons wound into the texture of her hair denoted her high rank. She read the crystals. She uncannily was able to see how their structure told the story of their creation, so she could best utilize their vibration. She gracefully blended intents in the programming of the most potent crystals to create a balanced and graceful union between masculine & feminine energies.
The 72 trace minerals wound themselves around the revolving wheel of her mind. Her whole being pulsed with the sensations that each crystal fed her heart. She came into this fresh new life with the longing to fill it up with the grand mysteries inherent to the goddess light. This divine, cosmic love is the essence of our being.
Her art and craft, over time, were revered by many. It was she who was able to tell the other priests and priestesses, which crystals would provide the most potent healing power for the person they were administering to. It was she who came up with a lot of the programs, which were used to re-inspire people, so they would jump back into their life’s purpose with renewed zest and vigor.
There was one priest, who was the most high in her temple. It was called a rejuvenation temple. He was the one who aligned the crystals on the tables, which produced a gyroscopic effect, which created a magnetic force field. The crystals were programmed to maximize the effect of ridding the toxins of each person who was treated. In this way they were rejuvenated in the most profound way. The average life expectancy was 750 years. Lemuria had a much lighter density, so the body was more resilient, and time didn’t bear down on us then the way it currently does.
He relied on many others, including the high priestess, to program the crystals. The directions in which his meditations went tended to take him all over the omniverse. He was looking to emulate certain techniques, which would make us more potent by bending light in new and provocative ways. He desired new colors to be formed. However no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t make them materialize.
In these days the heart was a playground where each person felt connected to the All That Is. The mind was like a wand that could spread its magic over the canvass of formlessness, manifesting our creations in a seamless flow of abundance. We tapped into the knowledge of many planets, which we visited with the help of the crystals, using remote viewing. The high priestess could scree with such proficiency that many came to her to ask her of the future.
One day when everyone knew that Lemuria was in dire straits, because we had overstepped the boundaries of our power and misused wisdom when we tried to alter the course of one of our moons; a wobble was created in that moon. This predicament tore at the hearts of all who lived in Lemuria. Our minds had become too powerful, and we were not in balance with our hearts. Fear was growing where once before there had not been any.
A woman came to the high priestess to ask, if we would survive this ominous circumstance, which everyone could feel draining their energy. The more the people focused on it, the worse the wobble became and the stranger our reality became. People began to feel ill at ease. The high priestess looked into her screeing crystal & said that no matter what happened we were still love and light. We were still loved beyond measure by the Creator.
She described how some of us would survive. She saw some jump inside the earth and carve out the passages, which would ensure their safety long into the future. She saw some plunging to their death as the waters rose and they knew not how to go to the next level in the light, to rise above into another dimension of our being. Others lifted themselves higher into the light and programmed a new code into the lifesource of their being, which ensured that they would return to enable the planet to ascend along with all of the hue-mans who gave permission to do so.
She gasped in horror when she saw so many dying and the beautiful temples of Lemuria being destroyed. She wept, but soon dried her eyes to see the present times and how we would have the chance to climb back into the splendor of the light once more. She saw that even though it might have seemed as if it was the end. It would just be the beginning of another cycle, which would take us even higher into the light.
The high priest was inflamed with anger when he heard that this woman had come to the high priestess and not him. He raised his voice in scorn and derided her for predicting the demise of his beloved temple and his way of life. He discredited her and said fear had consumed her ability to reason and be in the light.
Up until this point there had been balance, even though the feminine energy had been more dominant. This distrust of the feminine was allowed to grow. Like a crystal this fear attracted other layers of fear to it.
When Lemuria was about to go down the priests of the temples planted their strongest crystals in a bulkhead of rock under the very complex structure of temples, which were geometrically aligned. They were programmed with the information of the experiments that we had done in exploring the cultures of other star systems. They were like maps of the grand insights we had garnered from the thousands and thousands of years of this most glorious age.
The high priestess was allowed to program the crystals too. She fed them with her unconditional love and light. She foresaw the end of the feminine dominant culture, which she had treasured. She saw the consequences of masculine dominated cultures. She knew of Atlantis and saw its demise come through war and thought control of the masses.
She remembered seeing us rise up into the light after the darkness dominated the earth for many thousands of years. She knew she was foretelling the end of one of the long cycles of creation. There was no linear time, so she couldn’t measure the length of this cycle in the way later cultures were able to.
Right now we are at this time of bringing this cycle to its end. It is only fitting that she would come back inside of a hue-man body for the unfolding of this grand ascension process. Her love and passion was digging for crystals in the southwestern part of the U.S. She was called to make her home in Sedona. The crystals under the temples called to her. They instructed her in her meditations on how to increase the level of light on the planet.
This time was full of chaos brought about by the dark forces, who were desperately clinging to their last vestiges of power. Although she had tender childlike grace, her innocence and purity of intent didn’t inhibit her from seeing that the sexual energy of the earth had been tainted by belief systems that were based in fear, scarcity, & lack. Her heart was heavy sometimes remembering the joy of her childhood. It was then she still had her connection with Source & her guides. They spoke to her of her past lives as the high priestess in Lemuria.
One day she was selling her gems & crystals at a gem show in Sedona. The sun was very warm and particularly bright on this Sunday at mid-day in October. She was eating a bowl of salad greens, when she noticed an older man looking at her sunstones. There was something familiar about him. He asked her how the sunstones would help his healing practice.
She talked of the aspects of grace she felt from the sunstone. And how her Father had turned her onto its energy. He had felt the Mary Magdalene energy when he first came in contact with them. She was younger then, and she knew remembered it had been one of the big events in her life. After she started to hold its light in meditations and dug for it in the narrow corridor where it was found in Southeast Oregon, she changed dramatically. She felt peace where before she had been angry.
He told her that Mary Magdalene was very misunderstood in religions. He said she was fully Christed, and she taught Christ and the disciples the power of using their imagination to create their reality. She understood this, because she had heard of the books of the Bible that Mary Magdalene had written, but were discarded by leaders of Churches.
She looked into this man’s eyes. She felt the depth of his soul & for some reason she felt unsettled. She started to travel out of her heart and into her mind, looking for some way to explain this strange feeling.
He kept on looking at her sunstones. Finally he called her over and asked her how much she wanted for a large piece. He wasn’t prepared for the price she offered to sell it to him for. He didn’t know of the comparative worth of the stones, because this was his first contact with them.
She told him that this was one of her special pieces, because it was one of the first she had dug up, & she used it for meditation every morning. He said he wouldn’t buy it from her, because it felt as if she needed to hold onto it. He continued to look at other pieces, but something too was troubling him. He wasn’t prepared for this bath of light and this feeling of intense love streaming into his heart.
He took a walk and pondered the situation. He asked himself what it could possibly mean. Then he was distracted, by seeing a friend that he had met upon his arrival in Sedona. They talked awhile, and he pointed out one of the tables inside that he felt she would be interested in. Soon he went to a display, which had crystals set in geometric shapes made out of copper. The crystals were huge. Currents of electricity fed the two crystal wands he was holding in his hands. He felt the depth of their power as he listened to some ancient sounding chanting through headphones.
He closed his eyes. The vibration was so intense he felt as if he was out on the trail hiking through the most powerful vortex. He saw her face pulsating in the golden, intense frequencies of the Central Sun. He felt the energy of the Magdalene. She said it was in the sunstones, but she was part of the transmission herself.
He went back to her booth and looked for a piece of sunstone he could buy. He felt there was something more to say to her. He finally found a small piece, which she weighed. This time the price was right, and she also gave him a piece for free to purify his water with.
He gave her his card, and told her of the kinds of healing modalities he performed. She was filled with sadness, because something came up inside of her, which she couldn’t explain. She averted her eyes, and he walked away.
A few days later he wrote her an email. He said that now he understood who she was to him. He said he had been channeling out on the Airport Loop Trail in the Vortex. His channel came through with the information that he had wronged her while he was a priest and she a priestess in the ancient Lemurian Temples here in Sedona.
When he wrote to her he felt the peace in knowing he had forgiven himself for the hurt he had felt in wronging her so long ago. He said he now realized what a rare, magical, and divine being she was. He invited her to a free meditation group he was hosting at the Public Library.
Many months passed when one day she was eating at the Raw Foods Café on the main drag in Sedona. She saw a notice on the board for a healing seminar at this dome to be given that Saturday afternoon. It said that crystals were going to be programmed and that children were encouraged to bring their parents with them to this event. It said that the ruins of an ancient Lemurian Temple were going to be activated with this ceremony on the same land the dome was on.
This excited her, and she couldn’t understand why; but she didn’t question her heart. She looked at the flier and saw his name. She trembled. She thought it couldn’t be true what he said about his connection to her. After all what did it matter? She had a very fine life now, and didn’t see how the past mattered.
Her heart murmured to her that the light frequencies had intensified from so many portals opening up and long dormant crystals had now been activated on Gaia. She was feeling the energy in a way she used to feel it so long ago, when she used to thrive in it. She couldn’t erase the feeling that thinking about this temple and its activation brought forth within her. She decided that she was going to go to this healing ceremony.
On the day of the event she followed the instructions on the flier and drove her white mini-van into this gravel driveway that changed to red dirt. She parked the vehicle and started feeling the vibrations of the crystals she was carrying in her big hemp bag.
She made her way to the dome. Her hands were tingling and her heart was vibrating. She could her a high frequency buzzing in her ears. She knocked on the door of the masonry dome. The Master Researcher answered with a glowing smile on his face. He knew who she was by the description his partner had provided.
She asked where he was. The Master Researcher escorted her out to the ruins and turned back to the dome. The former high priest was setting up an altar on the center stone of the ruins. He had his back turned to her. She tapped him on the shoulder. She said that she already felt something from the ruins.
His face went red, and he fought to hold back the tears in seeing her. His heart was overflowing with joy. He took her by the hand and gave her a cushion to sit on. He asked her to sit on the central stone and breathe with him.
She took a huge smoky quartz crystal out of her bag and set it between the both of them. They both closed their eyes and held hands sitting directly in front of one another. He guided her to see herself going up to the higher dimensions and then seeing the huge bank of ancient crystals buried under the ruins of the temple.
The infusion of light was extremely bright. He urged her to fill up every particle of her being with this light. They both expanded their energy fields. She felt her energy merging into his, and the crystals. At this moment she felt the ancient memories of being in the light and using this miraculous energy to remind others of their true essence and why they were here in this hue-man body.
She remembered the rejuvenation temples. She saw and felt herself being spun around and merging with the higher, divine aspects of her being on the other side of the veil. She felt the anger of feeling small, of not being seen or appreciated fall away from her. Now there was only joy.
A wave of golden light splashed through her third eye. Her heart was vibrating mightily and her face was feeling very warm, even though it was still winter and the air was mild. She heard the words spoken by her guides, telling her now was the time to forgive herself for the pain she felt in being ridiculed and even killed in some lifetimes for helping others into the light. She knew that the same was true of this one whose hands she holding now, also. She could see and feel how they were the same.
She opened her eyes and said that she forgave herself and him. He said she was cleansing herself of the seed fear. Both of them had residues of past lives where they had been tortured for their truths and their ability to facilitate the healing of others.
They looked into one another’s eyes and felt their hearts. He said she was welcome to be a part of the healing center, and how he was very glad to have found her again.
The Master Researcher, the Dot Connector, and the Crystal Reader all came together and told the story of the energy of the Lemurian Temple Ruins to the people who had gathered for their activation and the family healing session.
Each of them did a blessing ceremony of the temple and dedicated it to Gaia. They asked for the resources to build a dome and create a healing center on this sacred spot. Each of them took a crystal, and luckily the Crystal Reader had brought three large crystals for them to use. The three of them formed a triangle. The Master Researcher chanted an ancient Tantric mantra that had to do with cleansing the area and each of us on a cellular level. This intensified the level of light.
The six people who had joined them felt the energy rising too. There was a young boy of 10 who was autistic. The dot connecter gave him a crystal he had programmed from his list of new energy intents. He repeated them aloud while he instructed everyone to breathe in light & love to the young boy, which he had placed in the center of the circle. The three of them extended the palms of their hands toward him, and he breathed in the energy. The rest of the participants also extended their hands in the same manner. The mother and father of the boy had their eyes wide open. They were looking to see if anything was changing in the boy.
Just them the dot connecter launched the group into an Om. The sound reverberated. The frequencies they were feeling got stronger. The child began moving his body in spasmodic contortions as he sounded the Om also. When they stopped he opened his eyes and looked at the Crystal Reader. He went over to her and hugged her. He had tears in his eyes, and so did she.
His parents came up in back of him. He turned around. There was this deep feeling of peace that shone throughout his entire being. He began talking very slowly. He told them he saw the light he was born to. He said now he remembered why he had been born. He was through trying to run and hide. Now he felt safe. He said the things, which had poisoned his body wouldn’t hurt him anymore. The parents hugged the Crystal Reader and they thanked the other two also.
The Crystal Reader told the Dot Connecter she felt that the crystals they had used were now connected to the ones under the Lemurian Temple Ruins. She reached out to the Master Researcher and all three of them hugged.
This was just the beginning of their work together. The heavens rejoiced. The story of their healing work from the days of Lemuria had come around to the end of the cycle, all the way from when the three of them had worked together in the same temple. They were doing the same grand scope of healing they used to do, but now the original split between the male & female had come together. This grand light of balance and their inspired intent, for manifesting the healing of Gaia and all of her beings, would expand. They desired for everyone to truly feel the love of who they really are. They would reach out to all who wanted to go back into the light and create heaven on earth.

© Eli Galla 2007

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Eli Galla – New Energy Teacher & facilitator
is dedicated to assisting every soul who is giving intent to awaken themselves to the process of Ascension with Gaia and all of her beings. He is a new energy teacher, with roots to Lemuria and Atlantis. It gives him great joy to facilitate counseling, meditation sessions, conscious choice hypno therapy, & energy work to help you accelerate your awakening process on the path to Ascension.