"Dream big, but keep it real"

I am always a supporter of dreaming big. Dreaming and creating a vision for yourself is important if you want to achieve these dreams. The only downside is when your dreams are unrealistic and you set yourself up to fail. Maybe you want to lose 50 pounds by next month. Or, you plan on meeting and marrying Mr or Mrs Right within 6 months. You of course have not met this person yet, but you are optimistic with your dreams. Could either of these scenarios come true? I would never say never, but I seriously doubt it. I don't want you to lose hope that you will achieve either of the above goals, I just want you to create more realistic deadlines. I am always dreaming big, setting my sights high, but I know myself and what is realistically achievable. There have times in my own life that I've set high expectations for myself, only to realize that I needed to re-think my goals and make them more approachable. Do your research, create specific action steps, and bring in someone to hold you accountable.


1. Dream Big
What are your dreams? If you don't dream it, it simply won't happen. It needs to start as a thought and then you are able to act on it. Put the filter away, and make a list of your dreams. Don't second guess yourself, just have fun with this list!

2. Real vs Unreal
Looking at this list, are these dreams achievable? Hopefully if you wrote them down, some part of you believes they are possible. If however, you would love for the dream to turn to reality, but you realize it is a bit far fetched, go ahead and cross it off. Maybe sometime down the road you can re-invent the goal and make it more achievable.

3. Make a plan
What good are your dreams if you don't act on them? What specifically do you need to do to move closer to your goal? Hoping for the best outcome only gets you so far. You need to act! Prioritize your list and focus on one dream at a time. Next, create a very specific list of action steps you need to take to move toward your dream. Educate youself, tap into resources, volunteer, do whatever it takes to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Many of you have contacted me regarding certain elements of your life that you wish to change. Have you acted on these wishes? Have you taken the first step? Remember that you are in control of your life and the changes you wish to make.
Contact me if you are commited to taking the first step

Good Luck!
Have a great week!


Author's Bio: 

Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy people in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values. Leslie is on a panel of experts for KOSI radio in Denver, she publishes articles and appears regularly on 7News in Denver. Contact Leslie directly at http://www.newlifefocus.com or call 866 779-0731