How often do you take a good hard look at the different areas of your life? Do you periodically take an inventory of your surroundings? Your work environment, home environment, and relationships in your life truly impact how easily and productively you go through life. If your work space is cluttered and unorganized it's difficult to focus on the work at hand. Just as well, if your home is in disarray, it is hard to relax and feel at peace. Focusing on the relationships in your life, are you surrounded by people that make you feel good, people that inspire you to be your best? Just as you rid your life of physical clutter, it's important to spring clean your relationships as well. Take some time to weed out relationships that are toxic and draining, while replacing them with positive and supportive ones. It is important to periodically take a look at your life. You know when it is time to declutter your life, things become overwhelming and difficult to handle. Setting aside some time now will make the future easier to embrace. This will make room and space for what really matters, allowing you to live a prosperous and full life.


1. Start at home

Take some time to view your surroundings at home. What areas are in need of an "organize, get rid of, or give away" clean up? Create a master list of everything that is bothering you. Commit to tackling one area at a time and then moving on to the next. You need to set aside a designated amount of time every week.

2. Work space

Is your work space free of clutter? Does the space allow you to be productive and organized? Do you have a designated place for everything important? If you are not sure how to create a productive work space, instill some help from professional organizers. Otherwise, commit to plugging in some time every day to create a space that works for you.

3. Relationships

Take a quick tally of all the people in your life. Are there individuals that leave you feeling drained every time you spend time with them? Make a list and decide the path you want to take with them. Ask them to make necessary changes or be willing to let them go.

Have a great week!

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Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy people in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values. Leslie conducts seminars, publishes articles in The Rocky Mountain News and hosts a tv segment. Leslie will help you create a new blueprint for your life. Contact her directly at or 1-(866)779-0731