Wouldn't it be great if you had your own "Life Instruction Booklet?

If there were such a thing, you could browse through the index to find out exactly what to do in any given situation. You would then have a welcome guide to journey through life.

Unfortunately, there is no such booklet to guide you through the many life challenges you face. So when a circumstance comes along that throws you off course and you don't have clear answers, you wonder why this is happening to you. Try as you might, you cannot come up with an answer to your dilemma. Does that mean there are no answers? No, it simply means that you have not created the space to receive a clear answer. You are in a state of overwhelm and your thoughts are driving your actions.

Just like driving a car, your mind automatically does what you already know. For example, you don't consciously think twice about the steps to take in driving your car. You learned that sometime ago and now your subconscious mind fires off a series of automatic responses. It's the same when you are faced with a crisis or dilemma. You respond automatically and often from a place of limitation rather than self-rule.

* How can you get in a space to allow for the answers that will serve you well?

* How do you reprogram your mind to see the possibilities without restrictions?

Get Quiet - take 5 minutes (or a long as it takes you) to get centered. Focus on your breathing. Take several deep breaths, allow yourself to relax. Just doing this will free your mind of previously automatic responses (i.e., why me, what can I do about this, why is this happening now?, etc.)

Cancel Limiting Messages - replace limiting messages with boundless possibilities. When a limiting message pops up, reframe it so that your thoughts will be positive and limitless. By doing this, you become aware of how your thoughts effect what you do, what you think and the results you get. This is the first step to gaining self awareness and getting more of what you want.

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