I’ve been using The Law of Attraction (The main concept taught in "The Secret") in my life for many years; it’s been an interesting journey.

The Secret teaches we need to change our thoughts from negative to positive to obtain our goals. While I agree, that process by itself isn’t always enough for me.

Following are several components occurring simultaneously that I use and suggest for others to consider:

--> Being grateful for everything I have in my life (past and present)

--> I am one with and extension of God/Source

--> Accepting all of me

--> Deciding what it I want

--> Getting quiet, using guided visualization I create what it is I want in my mind.

--> Revisiting a positive emotion in my past and bring it forward to the mental vision of what I want – pairing them, making the experience very real using all of the senses especially the feel-good emotion).

--> Put together three action steps that support me in manifesting my goal.


--> Photographs are a great visual cue, so are post-it-notes – select your favorite color, write what your goal is and post in the most important places. For work or those places you don’t feel the need to explain, the post-it-notes are blank. Your mind will continue to register their purpose.

---------> Creating a visual – collage, draw/color a picture

--> Asking yourself throughout the day how your actions are supporting you with achieving your goal

--> Paying attention to my focus and refrain from distractions

--> Rewarding you – be it a pat on the back, saying “good job” or taking time for just you to enjoy yourself.

--> When those *negative thoughts show up – dismiss them immediately and replace them with a feel good experience. Past or present, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is select an outstanding feel good time and focus on it, notice how good you feel as you’re replaying it in your mind.

There you go!

Thoughts to consider:

--> Notice the company you keep – are they positive and supportive?

--> Pay attention to the language you use – is it accountable and responsible or victimy?

--> What is your self-talk? Is it supportive?

--> Are you passionate about what you say you want? How are your actions reflecting this passion?

--> What learning/self improvement actions are you incorporating daily?

*Negative thoughts that continue to dominate your mind might be
suggesting there is inner healing to do. I can want all I want and if that inner work isn’t in alignment with my goals, I’ll find a way (unconsciously) to sabotage myself.

Beginning each day and ending the evening with a Gratitude list -it’s a great way of shifting thoughts. Going to sleep with gratitude on your mind, gives your mind something to think about (rather than what ever your mind can find to think about) and upon awakening it’s good to go.

My quiet time in the morning includes setting my intention for the day and incorporating the above bulleted items. Without my morning time with God and me, my day is confusing and my accomplishments are few.

And what if … I don’t get what I want? That’s part of this life’s experience too. It could there’s more inner transformation to occur or it’s not meant to be. The more connected we are with ourselves the more clear our life’
s purpose. With our life’s purpose as our guide, our thinking and actions are in alignment. (Without a life’s purpose, it’s too easy to be seduced into settling or accepting ‘this is the best it gets’ thinking.)

We make a choice how we experience life. The suggestions I’ve
included here are an accumulation of many steps I use. When I started my journey of self-actualization everything seemed too overwhelming – too much work to be done. I learned baby steps were OK and they accumulate – before long life was working.

I am so grateful to be living the life I have. The chapters of my past are a direct influence of who I am today – and for that alone I wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy thoughts!

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Happy thoughts ... make a great day!

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