Are you ready for more of what you want in your life? For most of us, our lives are so full we cannot see how anything more can be added; even something we would like to include. Do you put your dreams and deepest desires aside because you feel overwhelmed and can not do any more. How can you find the time, energy, and focus to make your dreams a reality? How can you manifest the life that your true self urges you to live?

I encourage you to take a long, hard look at all the activities and responsibilities that are presently filling up your life. You have the ability to create your life any way you desire it, but, you will need to make different choices from the ones you are presently making.

If you are serious about transforming your life and living it to the fullest then you need to take an honest and uncompromising look at your responsibilities and To Do Lists. Reflect on each item and remember that you have the choice to do each of those tasks or not. Becoming aware and making your choices consciously is a big step toward creating what you want in your life. You also need to develop an awareness of why you do things – what is your motivation for all the busyness you keep in your life. As you become more aware of the choices you make, be honest with yourself about your reasons for making them. If you are always too busy it prevents you from having to take the time to reflect on and face your self imposed blocks. You can blame your too busy life and too long To Do Lists for not being able to realize your dreams.

Another reason for your extraordinarily busy life is the deeply ingrained idea that more is better. You are a better employee if you work more, you are a better citizens if you are more involved in your community and you are more successful if you are constantly on the go with an over obligated schedule. Your self worth is often attached to how much you accomplish each week. The more you do the more you think you are needed and others can’t get along without you! It helps you feel secure and indispensable. Your feelings of self worth should not be dependant on how much you think others “need” you and how much you do. I personally have come to believe less is often more. With true focus and passion, doing less, can lead to a much more fulfilling and joyous life and we actually accomplish more that is of greater value to our self and to others. When you lead an inspired life it benefits everyone whose life you touch.

Making changes, even ones you desire can be extremely scary and stressful. You can’t quite get started – you are just too busy and swamped with responsibilities. The reality is that you are creating the too busy in your life! Are the choices you are making today getting you closer to the life you dream about living? Are you feeling fulfilled and excited about your life? Are you living your most magnificent life? If not it may be time to take responsibility for your choices. I challenge you to step into the life you dream of and start living it even if it is just in some small way, start today! DO IT NOW. Carve out time in your schedule and create your dream and a plan to begin your journey down the path that will lead to greater fulfillment and joy in your life

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