I allow myself to live in the Divine Flow. What does that mean? I feel that by staying balanced and really checking in with our our Higher Self we can see what is right for us. Life can be challenging at times. Things come up unexpectedly. Things don't go as we planned or hoped for. When we are in alignment we don't have to be knocked off balance when these things occur.

When people, situations and opportunities are presented to us and the energy feels right, go with it. If we get the signal that this isn't serving our highest good than letting go. The only way to make the decision is in the present moment. For an example, I may make tentative plans to go somewhere or do something, but when the time comes, if I'm too tired or sensitive, or it doesn't feel right to me, I will do what feels best.

I'll check in to see what will serve me. I am not bound by obligation if it will hinder my well being. I will not compromise my well being due to pushing myself past my limits. It will catch up with me in the long run if I overdo it. I know I am highly sensitive person and I take that into account while making plans. For example, if I make too many plans in one day, especially if they include noisy, busy activiities I know that I will get overwhelmed and I take that into account.

I think if we can detach from judging a situation as good or bad or positive or negative and allow it to just be what it is. We ultimately don't see the big picture and know if something is for our highest good and greatest joy. If we can trust that whatever is happening in the present moment is just what we need. "Checking in" means listening to our intuition. Trusting what we are feeling, thinking and knowing is accurate and listening to that "voice" within.

I can relate back to relationships that ended that I was devastated over. Looking back I can see the end was definitely in my best interest. I can see that my limited perceptions hindered my ability to see clearly. I can also see that I have grown tremendously from situations that I wished would happen that didn't, and, situations that did happen that I wished didn't.

The Divine flow happens when people, situations and opportunities come into our lives and we just relax, enjoy and appreciate what life is offering us.

The challenging opportunities are a chance for us to trust, grow in courage and strength and learn about ourselves. 0ne thing always leads to another.

The Divine Flow is seeing what serves us and others and what doesn't, then living our lives based on that knowingness.


Dear God/Goddess,
I place myself in the Divine Flow where the possibilities are endless. I release my ego. I release my judgments. I release my thoughts. I trust that going with the flow in my life will lead me to where I want to go.

I truly want to honor myself, my needs and path. I ask that you show me the way to experiencing the grandest possibilities. I will trust. I will follow my inner guidance.

Life gets busy. I have so many things I want and need to do. I have so many obligations and responsibilities. I know that when I overdo it, it doesn't serve me or you. I know in order to be in the Divine Flow I need to slow down. I allow things to be and surrender my will.

I accept peace. I accept my connection to Source. I love and accept myself.

And so it is.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Stefanie Miller, BA is an intuitive spiritual healer with a degree in Education. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner" by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Stefanie specializes in soul focused healing and includes angelic and elemental energies in all of her healing, teaching and writing work. Stefanie is also a certified Elementary School Teacher in Broward County, Florida and has done extensive research on the topic of Indigo and Crystal Children. In addition to private counseling sessions, Stefanie regularly conducts workshops to assist the parents of Indigo Children by introducing unique strategies and teaching methods based on metaphysical and spiritual principles. Stefanie's gentle and compassionate nature supports both parents and children along their sacred path.