My intention for the week was to feel replenished and to fill up my depleted reserves with the juice of the universe so that when I coached and as I lived, I would be of service rather than just going through motions, half asleep.

Invitations to do other things tempted; a trip here, a party there but I was determined to re-claim my strength and fill up with nectar by hibernating like a winter bear.

When juicy – full of life - I am more courageous – more eccentric and self directed, lighthearted, authentic, clear headed, kind, inspiring and fun.

Self management, quieting the mind with the ability to manage my biases and predispositions enabling me to really listen and capture nuances is easier when I’m “full of it”. Authentic with nectar in a chalice overflowing, filled to the brim with juice.

The much anticipated week would consist of fasting, walking, meditating, sleeping and reading. How delicious it would be to sink into hushed time – turning down the mind and turning up the quiet. It would be a treat to take a respite from activity.

We can spend whole days, weeks and even months not touching the actual earth. In shoes and on concrete, in buildings and in cars, on asphalt and watching television, the connection of our bodies to the raw dirt and the hum of earth’s pulse remain shrouded.

The week began chilly and beginning my fast made me even colder. Sleep was the best I could do - deep rich luxurious sleep and an occasional meditation or two. The IPod vibrating a tamboura’s hum very softly in the background, day and night as it always does, reminding me of our primordial sound.

My energy slowly returned with the sun after a couple of days as a bear and I embarked on a most luscious trail, walking - barefoot (as any bear would) - the ground warm. Sometimes velvety, sometimes sandy, here it is gravely, there it is damp - the earth presented itself differently every few feet.

Contributing to a mosaic of beauty that is whimsical, each traveler on this road has left their footprints and some have also left beautiful rock art creations. Different shapes, styles, stones and textures add a gauzy breath of air to the sage infused smells all around.

Some are perfectly smooth rock; some are covered with sparkles, multi colored stones with intricate patterns and some are wonderfully opaque. Large, small, jagged and round they are all so varied it is hard to imagine that they all come from this one area. Awful! (Look up the meaning of this word)

Hummingbirds darting so tiny and magnificent with their winged hum providing a backdrop of bird song cadences. So utterly beautiful and powerful in its sweetness and I gave thanks to God.

Noticing that this walk was not a work out – it was more important than that, it was a walk of joy.

What do you give God in return for all of the goodness she gives? God is and has everything. What do you give this entity that has everything?


I can give thanks and in the full feeling of thankfulness and the complete allowing and receiving of this divine energy, I am honoring God.

Giving thanks. Thanks Giving. That is what I can give.

Author's Bio: 

Stacy Kamala Waltman brings a well-rounded blend of experience and personal development skills to her coaching practice.

Bridging the spiritual world with the professional arena, Stacy Kamala draws from a rich and varied background to enhance her client's personal, spiritual and professional life.

Earning a B.A. in journalism at San Diego State University along with a minor in business administration, Stacy Kamala has worked in a variety of business settings including group/team facilitation, public speaking, marketing, promotions, corporate communications, sales, web site design, and public relations. In small, medium, and large companies, she has learned what it takes to succeed.

Stacy Kamala also serves her community as a consultant and volunteer, most recently as a Facilitator on the Bend2030 project and as a commissioner on the Oregon Governor's Commission on Women.

Stacy Kamala's tangible-world experience is a counterpoint to a 25-year history as a student of Swami Satchidananda's Integral Yoga, and a certified Svaroopa Yoga Instructor. From the postures of Hatha Yoga to the regulation of breathe control; the discipline of meditation to the ecstasy of chanting, Stacy has developed a deep appreciation for the peace, centering and focus to be found in the world of spiritual studies.

By combining these various disciplines with specific coaching training and advanced education at the Coaches Training Institute - accredited by the International Coaching Federation, Stacy Kamala provides an integrated approach to her coaching practice. Her vision is to guide her clients and teams to a life of fulfillment and success by linking their spiritual, material and practical needs.

Stacy Kamala's clients are those people striving for more in their lives; better communication skills, a healthy relationship with money and increased earning power while maintaining skillful life balance.

"In addition to being a wonderful communicator, Stacy is a gifted and powerful coach," says Jim DeLaurentis, CFO, The Andrew Lauren, Inc." She has dynamic energy and deep commitment."

Whether you participate with her in a teleseminar format, organizational team or individual coaching, Stacy Kamala's approach will illuminate blind spots and increase awareness of yourself while enhancing how you interact in the world.

If you are committed to living a life of freedom from habitual thinking patterns and creating the life of your dreams - then you would enjoy Stacy's coaching dynamic. She is not only brilliant, she is fun!

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