Weighing in your self-esteem seems daunting in a media culture obsessed with stick-thin models without hips. It’s possible to get satisfaction from your own reflection as long as you love your body and take care of your health. Here are three ways to help you feel comfortable in your own skin and love who you see in the mirror:

Use affirmations to reinforce what’s good about you

An affirmation is a positive, present-day statement that declares your current sate of mind and expectation as real and valid. It acknowledges to the mind and body that what you hold in your mind is real. When used with repetition, you can put your mind on “positive auto-pilot” and begin to resonate with other people who feel the same way about you.

It’s important to affirm who you are in present-day language. This is where your most powerful moments are spent in life, and not yesterday or tomorrow. What you think is your mental equivalent for what you will demonstrate on the outside. “As within, so without” is a good mantra for life. Do you think of your self as a goddess? Then that that is how people will respond. Do you feel ripe and plentiful? Generous? Full of wisdom? Then you are an abundant expression of life. Celebrate that idea regularly!

Here’s an affirmation to help you affirm who you are in present-day language. Remember, thoughts create reality!

“When I look in the mirror, I see a loving person. My capacity to love knows no boundaries. I accept myself and love what I see in the mirror. There are no imperfections because I am perfectly constructed. I am an example of a miracle and am a spiritual work in progress.”

Use Woman-Affirming Language

Whenever possible, learn to appreciate being female. Expressing compassion and having the ability to regenerate life are powerful ideas. Discard the diet pills and choose to value your gender as often as possible:

“I am relaxed and at ease with life, knowing I am a part of a vast natural cycle. I look forward to today’s experience and rejoice in my body’s ability to regenerate life! Every curve expresses my female power. I love being a powerful female.”

Be Thankful for Your Body

Living in a continual state of thankfulness for who you are is important when appreciating what your body does for you each day. It’s your vehicle to your self-development journey! Because of your body, you have an opportunity to be on the planet and allow spirit to express through you. That’s an amazing gift! Learn to have gratitude for what your body can do:

“I am thankful for being an example of a miracle! I have no imperfections because I am perfectly constructed. Every aspect of my body is a reason to rejoice in life’s sensations. I feel powerful by being alive. I welcome each element of my physical system that is a wondrous example of genius. Today, I feel blessed to be able to express my sacred gift. I am thankful I have the skills that can service humanity!”

Too much of a conceptual leap? If you are overweight, and need a boost to get over the negative thinking hump, here’s an affirmation that will put you on the positive thinking track:

“I am in the process of creating a beautiful and meaningful life. I am safe and protected by God every day. I no longer have a need to hold on to the past because today is what matters. The past has no power over me. I am grown up and step into a complete vision of myself. From this day forward, I take responsibility for my life and shed old mental habits that do not support a healthy vision. I love taking care of my beautiful body!”

With consistent and powerful thoughts, there is no need to stress about the way you look. Love every inch of you while taking excellent care of yourself. Your satisfaction is in knowing that you are a gift to the universe exactly as you are. When you engage in a deeper level of self-appreciation and self-love in the present moment, you’ll feel empowered… and learn to love yourself!

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Dr. Charlene M. Proctor is the founder of The Goddess Network, Inc. an on-line educational resource for topics on spirituality, relationships, and women's studies. Author of Let Your Goddess Grow! she is a researcher and educator in the field of women's empowerment and develops self-empowerment strategies for women in all walks of life. She is a subject matter expert for Beliefnet.com, the world's largest self-help and personal growth website. Her affirmations from The Women's Book of Empowerment reach 2.7 million web visitors daily. She currently facilitates the PATH to Empowerment program for Lighthouse Path in Michigan, a residential women's shelter for homeless mothers, teaching them how to cope with life and increase self-esteem and confidence. To learn more, visit http://www.thegoddessnetwork.net

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