Here are words from Lester Levenson from the recording Willpower, Part A.
“Whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating matter all the time. Whether you want to be a creator or not you are.”

“Nothing comes into your experience unless you had a thought of it at some time prior.”

“Everything you see, everything you look at is an out-picturing of your mind.”

“All your thoughts materialize unless you neutralize them and think the opposite immediately after you have the thought.”

“Any thought not reversed or neutralized will come into your experience at some time in the future.”

Take responsibility for everything you experience. Ask yourself, “How did I cause this to happen to me; what did I do to bring this into my experience?” Track back and you’ll see you’re getting exactly the thing you requested.

“It isn’t exactly the thing I requested,” you might say.
Yes, it is. You didn’t realize your request would materialize as an exact copy of your thought or thoughts. You didn’t give specific enough instructions to that mind of yours.

Your mind takes your amorphous, undeveloped thought, combines it with your other thoughts and feelings---most of which are subconscious--- and comes up with its interpretation of what you meant. Your life is what your mind thinks you meant.
Your body, the picture of your life as a whole, is the one you have painted with your thoughts energized by your feelings. It’s what you’ve held in your mind.

When you have a thought and energize it with a feeling your mind goes about creating the exact copy of your thought. You have a thought of something you don’t want, something you don’t want to happen. You energize it with a feeling, an energy called fear, that’s a common one. The fear generates more fear. That is to say, as you get scared, you get more scared. The fright starts spinning out of control. You’re creating energy with all that fear. The original thought now has the energy of fear behind it. The more fearful you are, the more the thought is fueled. You’re fueling your thoughts with fear.
Holding in mind what you don’t want, fueled by fear, creates the thing you fear. The result is, “I didn’t want that to happen.”
Fear fuels a thought and delivers what you don’t want.

And, when your goal is not specifically spelled out, your mind is left to its own devices.

Here is how to get what you would like to have.

Hold in mind what you want and that is what you will be getting all the time, said Lester Levenson.

Be very specific about what you would like to have. Picture it in all its detail, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it, see it in as much detail as possible. Hold that picture in your consciousness. As contrary thoughts come in, drop those thoughts. See them; let them go. Then, energize the thought, the goal. Fuel it with energy-----courageousness, I can, I can have it. I have it.

Be aware constantly, all the time, of the thoughts you are thinking, the thoughts you are holding in mind, AND the energy behind the thoughts. Start by watching what is coming out of your mouth, your words, your convictions. That’s what you’re holding in mind.

Most don’t get their goals. They have the goal, the thought, and they energize it with lust, wanting, desiring. The energy of those feelings is the energy of lack. So the goal is not achieved. In fact, the goal gets further and further out of reach. The energy behind the thought is saying to your mind, “I lack it, I don’t have it.” Your mind takes the thought and delivers the opposite of what you think you asked for because it is energized by the energy of lack. I don’t have it, is how your mind sees it. Let go of wanting.

Your goal must be specific in as many details as possible. Involve all your senses. Hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell. Colorize it, dramatize it. It’s powerful energy if it comes from a place of, I have it, its mine now, rather than a feeling that says, I want it so bad which is a strong lacking feeling.

What’s the strongest, most powerful feeling you can put behind a thought to get your goal? That most powerful feeling is love. Fuel your goal with love. Love your goal. Give your mind the specific details then fuel it with love—true love, not wanting. Lustful “love” is not love at all. That kind of love is lacking energy which results in frustration because the mind is never satisfied.

Hold in mind what you would like to have in all its details. Fuel it with love. Study love. Apply love. Fuel your goal with love and the high energy of courageousness, I can have it, and you have the goal achieved. Love your goal.
You have a well-developed fear muscle. Develop your love muscle. Practice love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Put that energy behind your goal and it is yours. It is yours now.

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