Fond memories,
On occasion still fresh in my mind.
Memories of time spent -- now gone,
And activites shared -- no more.

Fond memories,
Of joy and, yes, of sorrow --
The reminiscing of your presence in my life,
Remembering the quite times when words failed.
Memories of just being together
In a bond that felt as though it could last forever.

Fond memories,
Once laced with the pain of loss.
Memories once flavored with the taste of my own tears,
With the sorrow that chased away my sleep,
Leaving me only with the pain
That felt as though it would last forever.

Fond memories,
Now peaceful with the acceptance of your absence.
A gap no longer filled with deep despair
But more often now
With the joy of having known you,
And of having loved you
In a way that feels should last forever.

Fond memories,
Now not of your death, but of your life.
Reminiscing of the fun we shared,
Animated with the mental image of your smiling face,
The sounds of your laughter recorded in my memory.
In thought now celebrating our time together --
That special time now preserved in these memories,
Fond memories that will stay in my head forever.

Author's Bio: 

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D. Volunteer, Knox County (Ohio) Hospice