What would it be like to be a money magnet and to actually attract a lot of money? How would it be different? What would it FEEL like?

Here are some of the answers most people might say:

• I would be a lot happier if I had more money
• You have to work hard to have a lot of money
• Money doesn’t come easy
• The more money I make the more I spend
• Money doesn’t grow on trees
• Money is the root of all evil
• People who have a lot of money are greedy
And so on……..

Did you know that these types of thoughts are exactly what have been keeping money away from them and possibly from you too?

Everything is energy and money is just another form of energy. So, how are you managing your energy when you think, talk and act about money? Managing your thoughts, feelings and actions are the secret to your success of having more money flow into your life. You have to manage all of them!

When you think about money how does it make you feel? When you speak about money what do you normally talk about, your abundance of it or your lack of it? When money leaves your hand or you write a check out to someone, do you do it from a place of abundance or lack? Start becoming aware of how you FEEL about money during the course of your day to day life. When you FEEL GOOD you are magnetizing money to you, if you feel bad you are repelling it away.

To help you balance out your thoughts a little more, write in a journal this month some POSITIVE thoughts about the subject of money. Then, write down some FUN ways to bring more of it into your life. Once you begin to shift your thoughts and feelings about money in a more positive direction, you can then take some action steps toward your goal of getting what you want. Your actions will come from a place of wanting to instead of having to. Actions that come from a place of FEELING GOOD really put the pedal to the medal and propel you forward even faster toward your goal!

Go forth and PROSPER!

Author's Bio: 

Leslie Bishop is a certified Empowerment Life Coach through the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching, who specializes in breast cancer recovery. Leslie is an author of the book, Congratulations, You Have Cancer! She is a speaker and facilitator and has introduced the Laws of Attraction to many people.