Manifesting is the latest “Big Thing” and buzzword. People seek out seminars, workshops and gurus to help learn the secrets of manifestation so we can fulfill our heart’s desire.

My manifestation guru looks a little different than most. She has a shaggy beard, 3 inch eyelashes, four legs and speaks no English (or any human language). My guru’s name is Sandy and she is my labradoodle dog.

Sandy’s absolute passion is retrieving tennis balls. She has a knack of manifesting them in whatever park or school yard we visit. Here are some keys to Sandy’s manifestation success.

1. Be Clear on What You Want

Sandy knows what she wants. It’s not a stick, a squirrel, or a pine cone. It’s a round, fuzzy, green tennis ball. If you’ve gone through a life challenge, like divorce or a business glitch, you likely have a laundry list of all the things you don’t want. To manifest your dreams, it’s critical to take the time to be clear on what it is you DO want. Create that picture and hold it as fiercely in your mind and in your heart as Sandy holds her beloved tennis ball in her jaw.

2. You Deserve What You Want

Humans have a unique ability for creating our own suffering. We wonder if we are worthy and deserving of our dreams. Dogs like Sandy do not. There is no doubt in Sandy’s mind that she is fully deserving of that tennis ball. Sandy throws herself into pursuit of her dream with no hesitation.

3. The Joy is in the Journey

Each time we go to the park, whether it’s raining or sunny out, Sandy is grateful to be outside sniffing around for tennis balls. She has a huge grin on her face as she looks up from the deep grass as if to say, “Boy, is THIS ever a lot of fun!” Let’s remember that the joy is in the journey, not simply in the attainment of our goals. Savor the process of discovery and be in the present moment. That is where the magic happens.

4. Belief is Stronger than the Physical Evidence

Sandy’s belief in her dream is unwavering, no matter how overgrown the grass is. Holding a powerful belief, even when the results you’re looking for don’t seem to come in, is critical. It’s your job to maintain and hold your belief and its vibration as strongly as you can. Despite a lack of physical evidence or faced with criticism or disbelief from people around you, hold your belief. You can never connect to a dream without simultaneously having the ability to manifest that dream into reality.

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