As my favorite laughing guru, Swami Beyondananda wrote in Duck Soup for the Soul “Life is a MannaFestival...and it is our manifest destiny to MannaFest manna.” That is to say that we are responsible for creating the things we want in our lives. I used to ask, “When am I going to meet my Soul Mate!” And a very wise friend asked “Well, what does he look like? ...I couldn’t answer. I never thought about what I really wanted. Few of us do.

Most people are very clear about what they don’t want though; they don’t want what they already have, or what they’ve had in the past, or what’s not working. It is easier to know what you don’t want than to take the time and energy to discover what you do want. Sometimes people think they know what they want until they get it and discover that they didn’t really want that at all. A great way to MannaFest is to write down your vision of what you really want and be specific. Get as detailed as you want because this is your manna.

When I wrote my vision of my soul mate I created the headings: physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. I analyzed my past relationships, picked out the positive qualities and wrote these on my list. Over the weeks and months my list changed and grew as I thought of what I wanted in a soul mate. I describe the color of his hair (dark), that he should love dance, massage, scuba, cooking (I love to eat). I included that he should be clean, drive a red sports car, have a computer and a college education, be a considerate and well-dressed gentleman and his name should rhyme with Dad (I wanted a good dad for my son as well). And, of course, we had to have incredible sexual chemistry! I wanted someone to share my life with and dance in the light.

Once you have your vision defined, focus on it! The nature of the subconscious mind is to MannaFest what it is focused upon. Many people keep attracting more and more of the stuff they don’t want because that’s what they are focused on. In order to get what you want, you must envision it. See it in your minds eye and spend time meditating on the vision of having achieved it already and how that FEELS. Incorporate all six senses. Forget about how you will get there, simply imagine being there. I would focus on my vision of my soul mate and repeat this mantra. “Thank you God, for my soul mate who walks with you” (hmmm, his last name is “Walker”). Say a prayer for God’s will to aid you in this MannaFestival and concentrate on how you will feel once it is so. But don’t expect your manna to fall from the sky (unless of course you are trying to MannaFest rain or bird poop). You may still need to work to help this to happen, so look for the signs.

But it doesn’t have to be hard work. If you focus your attention on how much hard work must go into achieving your goal that is exactly what you will MannaFest - HARD WORK! And don’t force yourself into a plan to get there by focusing too hard on “THE PLAN”. This self-limiting method may block many easier ways by which your goal could be achieved. So it is important for you to clear your mind of “how” you will get there, and instead focus on the end result and how that feels so the universal creative energy can do it’s work. So, you are asking, “How did it work? Did you find that perfect soul mate?”

The answer is YES! We met at a Dance Club on New Year’s Eve (how appropriate). A tarot card reader was giving readings and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to get my cards read. I said, “Yes!!! I want to know if I’m going to meet my soul mate soon.” The tarot card reader described my soul mate as a renaissance man and said I would meet him very soon.

After the reading we talked awhile then she introduced me to her handsome dark-haired friend Brad. (Hmmm, rhymes with Dad) Brad asked, “How was your reading?” I said, “It was great, I am going to meet my soul mate very soon, she says he has blonde hair but I know he has dark hair.” Though we didn’t talk again that evening a month later he called and asked me out.

Brad and I dated a very short time. You see, I didn’t need much time to be sure; after all I had MannaFested him to be just what I wanted. I was so excited as I checked off my list. I was amazed. No, I was astounded and convinced. We married two months later, that was eleven years ago last April. Ever since then I have used creative Mannafestation techniques to attract all kinds of good things in my life: new relationships, work that I love, checks in the mail, a car, exotic vacation trips, a house, etc. Use these MannaFesting techniques to bring yourself more Manna and feed your soul. So tune up your karmas and we’ll meet you at the MannaFestival.

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