So, where are you relative to the goals you set for yourself back in January? Are you proud of your accomplishments? Were you able to stay motivated and on track? If so, congratulations on all of your hard work! If, however, you are like so many people whose goals slowly get pushed aside, it's never too late. Mid year is a perfect time to reflect and re-define what it is you really want. Have you had difficulties with certain goals in the past? Remember, if you continue to go about them in the same manner, you will continue to get similar results. Not only that, sometimes the goal itself is just not the right goal for you. If you've hit your peak frustration level with certain goals, sometimes you just need a break from it all together. Let me share with you an example from my own life. I have always led an active lifestyle, it just makes me feel better all together. After an extremely long winter last year, I was having a hard time motivating myself to get back to the gym. A friend of mine suggested we sign up for a triathlon. It wouldn't be for months down the road she said, so we would have plenty of time to train. Keep in mind I have never done a triathlon before, so I was a bit naive when I said yes. However, knowing I better start swimming so I wouldn't have to be rescued from the lake was a motivator in and of itself. I was not a swimmer in the least, I could barely swim one lap without hyperventilating. So, there began my journey of getting back in the pool, riding my bike, and sometimes doing both in one day. So, instead of dragging myself to exercise, when I least felt like it, this event pushed me and gave me the desire to keep going. I took the focus off of the "gym" and got involved in other activities that I enjoyed. Sometimes you need to go about your goal in another fashion, and bring some life back into it.


1. Ask some questions
Ask yourself some questions regarding where you stand with your goals. Have I honored my resolutions this year? What, if any, positive changes have I made so far? What am I struggling with? What goals do I need to temporarily let go of? Do I feel I've given it my all so far? These questions will jumpstart you to make whatever necessary changes need to be made.

2. Provide accountability
One defining factor in so many people's success is having some accountability for their actions. It is far too easy to slack off when no-one is their to push you. Whether you ask a friend or family member to track your progress, it doesn't really matter. If, however, you want a third party to motivate and push you, then I'd be happy to discuss some options with you. If achieving your goal is important enough to you, you will find the appropriate measures to make it happen.

3. Lift your spirits
If you need a boost to your spirits, bring some lighthearted fun into your life. If you've had a hard time sticking to your resolutions, give yourself a pity party, and then pick yourself up and move on. Feeling sorry for yourself won't do you and good, other than give you the continued excuse to stay off course. So, have some fun, get involved in activities you enjoy, and get back on track once you have the energy and desire to do so.

Author's Bio: 

Leslie Gail is a certified Life coach and owner of New Life Focus Coaching. Leslie inspires and motivates her clients to live their best life. She is seen regularly on 7News in Denver Colorado, and appears regularly on 2 top radio stations as well. Feel free to contact Leslie directly at 866 779-0731 for a FREE coaching consult