When all is SAID and DONE......

- or in other words;

"What I shall say when I meet my maker/enter the pearly gates/enter the black hole/join the void/pass on/kick the bucket/am no more."

1. I tried my best.

2. I did my best.

3. I gave it all I've got.

4. I never gave up.

"I made a difference."

5. I loved, loved, and loved some more.

Some suggestions here may include;

my dog,
my cat,
my goldfish,
my hamster/gerbil,
my mother,
my father,
my husband/wife,
my partner/partner,
my sons,
my daughters,
my grandparents,
my uncles,
my aunts,
the postman,
the street cleaner,
the baker,
the thief,
the murderer.

6. I gave thanks.

Some examples here may be for;

My health,
my happiness,
my misfortunes,
my successes,
my misery,
my life,
my time,
my opportunities,
my failures,
my wealth,
my poverty,
my lessons,
my mentors,
my teachers,
my gurus,
my models,
my illnesses,
my habits,
my addictions,
my fears,
my anxieties,
my worries,
my being here.

and all the things that they taught me.

7. I gave, gave, and gave some more.

some ideas to prompt you may be;

My time,
my enthusiasm,
my encouragement,
my skills,
my abilities,
my good wishes,
my help,
my money,
my commitment,
my heart.

8. I wasn't afraid to take risks.

Some examples here may include;

I jumped out of an aeroplane,
with a parachute ;-)
I climbed a mountain,
I loved even when I'd lost,
I travelled the world on a shoestring,
I hitched a ride on a Lear jet,
I gave birth at home,
I defied all the odds,
I reached out,
I gambled everything, on a dream,
I quit my medication,
I didn't follow the crowd,
I entered uncharted territory,
I balanced judgement with caution,

9. I made my mark on the world.

10. I held onto honesty and integrity.

11. It was worth my while being here.

12. I learned, learned, and learned some more.

13. It was not a wasted life.

14. I'm glad I was here.


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James Middleton
Hypnotherapist and Meditator

Copyright 2004 James Middleton

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