Truth and Dare

All the secrets you hold inside are an enormous weight, a needless burden. This exercise offers an excellent opportunity for you to revisit and let go of things from your past that still bother you. All of us have experiences that have left us wounded: times when we felt humiliated, diminished, attacked, violated, abused, rejected, ignored, or misunderstood. Just to have someone listen to your story without judgment, without comment, and without assuming responsibility can lighten your load tremendously.

Time for Exercise: 10 to 30 minutes

Properties Required: none


Share with your partner something you have been thinking or worrying about, are afraid or ashamed of, or embarrassed or otherwise bothered by.


  • Only one person tells their story each time you do the exercise.
  • Both tell a story during the same session.


When you share your story, you are not necessarily asking for help or expecting your lover to provide a solution, although you might want these things, and, if so, you will include that information as a request to your lover.

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