Mind Freedom Exercises
Exercises To Do On Your Own
by Al Link and Pala Copeland

What I Notice Today

Your relationship is like a garden. You must pay attention to it every day weeding a little here, and watering a little there, so that it will thrive.

Time for Exercise: two minutes

Properties Required: none


  1. Look closely at your relationship actions. What have you done today to support, encourage, or nourish your relationship?
  2. If you haven’t done anything, come up with a plan of action, and follow it through. Your action can be simple or grand. Some suggestions:
  • Give your love a back rub.
  • Buy your sweetheart a rose.
  • Let your partner relax while you clean up after dinner.
  • Hold hands as you go for a walk.
Author's Bio: 

Al Link and Pala Copeland own and operate 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra. They regularly host lover’s romantic weekends near Ottawa Canada, and weeklong retreats in exotic locations. For more information call toll free from Canada or USA: 1-800-684-5308 International long distance: 1-819-689-5308. Visit their website www.tantra-sex.com and their blog www.askaboutloveandsex.com or send email: 4freedoms@tantraloving.com They have four books published including Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, New Page, 2003; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra, Penguin, 2007; Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms Body, Heart, Mind and Soul, Llewellyn 2007; Tantra Step by Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy, Llewellyn 2007.