Poet’s Prophecy

Having something to look forward to is one of the supreme motivators in life. Helping your partner to see and believe that good things lie ahead is one of the great gifts you can offer. When lovers expect the best from each other, they are more likely to get it. The Poet’s Prophecy lets your love know that you believe in him, that you have faith in his ability to express his beauty and greatness.

Time for Exercise: two minutes

Properties Required: none


  1. Identify something your lover is already dreaming about—something he is passionate about or desires strongly. Or imagine some wonderful outcome that neither of you has ever thought of before.
  2. Say to your partner something like this: “As I gaze into the future I prophesy this will come to pass….” Describe in detail the wonderful circumstances you see unfolding.


That which you prophesy can be some small delight or something grand. You do not need to be realistic, but the process might have more meaning if the possibility you describe is related to something your lover cares deeply about.

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