When we hear the word makeover, most of us think about transforming our physical appearance in some way. Just recently, for instance, I have toyed with the idea of growing my hair out. Perusing through the big hairstyle book at my local salon, I tried to imagine which hairstyles would look good on me. Should I wear my hair curly or straight, a medium length or long? Every once in a while, we all get the itch for something different. It might be a new look, or it could be something totally unrelated.

Mini makeovers can be used to change any part of our lives. Sometimes a new year or a deep desire will instigate the need for change. Others times it is boredom or pain that causes us to think about doing things differently. It doesn't matter whether it is desire or pain that starts the process of transformation; what's most important is that you take action.

Take an Inventory

Most people don't voluntarily take a regular inventory of their lives. More often than not, we are so wrapped up in the day to day activities that we don't stop to think about how our lives could be different or better. When I worked in business, I worked for several years in the inventory control department. Doing an inventory of our entire warehouse of windows, doors, and all the accessories needed to assemble them was a big project, but a necessary one for many reasons. Not only did the company need to accurately reflect the cost of inventory for tax purposes, we needed to know exactly how many parts we had for manufacturing and distribution. Many times we had huge discrepancies between what was actually counted and what our computer records reflected. By making the adjustments in our inventory records, we were minimizing future business problems.

Taking an inventory of our lives also helps us make sure we are on track with what we want and gives us an opportunity to manage any unforeseen troubles. What do most people want to avoid? None of us want to face relationship difficulties, health related problems, or financial issues. By taking a little time to reflect on all areas of our lives, we can be proactive regarding change. Take a look at the Wheel of Life and ask yourself some of these questions:

" How might your personal development affect the health of your relationships, your career, and ultimately your financial health?
" How does your spiritual health or taking time for fun and enjoyment affect your physical health?
" What will suffer if you don't have your physical health or financial stability?
" What's going on in your home environment that interferes with having what you want in others areas of your life?
" What areas of your life have you been ignoring? How might paying attention to these areas bring about success in other areas? What might happen to other areas of your life if you continue to ignore these areas?

Deep Desire or Avoidance of Pain

Make a list of your deepest desires and your greatest pains in each area of your life. Do you long for a closer relationship with your husband or are you tired of being in debt? Perhaps you secretly desire a new career, more time, or authentic friendships. Maybe you are fed up with the lack of organization in your home, tired of the isolation you feel, or sick of your lack of commitment to your health. Your desires and pains point to the change that is needed in your life. Own your desires and your pains - they will motivate you to create something different.

Set Goals for Change

From your list, pick two changes that you would like to make. Close your eyes and imagine how your life will be different when these two changes have taken place. Now ask yourself what goals you need to set to bring about these changes. For example, if you want better quality friendships, you might have some goals that look like this:

" Say goodbye to all your unhealthy friendships
" Nurture the friendships you want by calling or getting together once per week
" Meet new friends by joining some groups that you share common interests with
" Organize your life to create time for your friends

An important and necessary step for achieving your goals is to write them down and share them with as many people as you can. When I set my business goals for 2008, I typed all eight of them on a piece of paper and hung them on my wall. Anytime I meet with my coach or friends, I tell them what my goals are. Speaking my goals out loud makes them more real, and enables my friends and family to support me in any way they can.

Mini Makeovers are Stepping Stones

Your goals make your mini makeovers possible, and your mini makeovers are the stepping stones to the life you want. It's entirely possible that your life is exactly the way you want it to be, and you are exactly who you want to be in this world. But people and circumstances are constantly changing, and what works today may not work tomorrow, next year or 10 years from now. So stay alert, keep yourself sharp and healthy, and use this life to leave a magnificent legacy for those who follow.

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