This message came to me after my morning body sensation contemplation and it’s just getting better and more clear in its power since that moment a few days ago. I have been musing over the concept of what money means to me and how I felt about it for a long time. Finally though, I really “get” how money manifests and although the concept is simple, the manifestation takes a lot of personal work.

There is available so much on this subject from the self-help community. It’s wonderful how so many teachers are trying to share the art of attracting abundance and help lift others to receive it. I too have spent much time studying and applying the principles of affirmations, visualizations, and other techniques. Perhaps these teachings have led me to this “a-ha” moment even though I never had much success with these strategies.

Money is my heart means to me that the more I love myself, the more money flows. That’s a good simplistic interpretation of these words. But it’s oh so, so, so, much more! This kind of love is so primal-it’s the fabric we are made of, that creates and sustains us. There are many labels or names that have been used to make sense of this force. The term that resonates with me is Presence. The power of Presence is an unconditional, nonjudgmental part of ourselves that is the essence of who we really are.

This beautiful, loving being is way past any thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and book learning ideas. It just is. You don’t have to do anything to yourself to be it. You don’t have to fix, change, discipline your thoughts, repeat an affirmation, tap a point, lose weight, go to a conference; …it’s not about searching outside of your heart. Just go slowly and drop down into a quiet spot inside and start to feel how special you are.

Spend time pulling up feelings of acceptance, feeling valued, cared for and just be with these feelings of love. Use past memories that felt good or focus on a pet or person that you’ve had loving moments together. Allow this feeling to just keep growing stronger until you feel it all over your body. Allow tears, sadness, anger, doubt to float in giving all these exiled parts of you this unconditional love. It takes practice but there is no hurry here. If you can only sit for 5 minutes and it becomes too intense, then stop. Presence is always present and it loves you whether you are being with it consciously or not.

As you start to shift into this safe space and you discover there are feelings of resistance, then your job is to get this baggage cleared out. Presence can only flow in where there is no resistance. Money is the same way. It flows in direct proportion of this same energy because everything is made from the same source of Presence.

Let’s create a visual example: See yourself like a container that is mostly filled with dirt (desires, thoughts, wishes, wants, needs). Let’s say it’s 80% dirt. That’s pretty typical of an adult who has spent years in school learning to shut down the heart and learn to identify oneself with a performance mode of success such as grades, sports, mates, houses, cars, jobs etc. The other 20% is water (Presence).

Now your goal is that you want this dirt to mix with this water and become soft enough to sprout new growth. But the dirt is so compacted, so old and dry that the water can only soften the dirt slowly, a little bit at a time. That’s like our desire for abundance. We know it’s there and we hope, wish, pray and wait that it will enter our lives. Or the water may just sit on top of this dirt, and go nowhere, waiting for a crack in the foundation. That’s like when we are so clogged up with past beliefs, pain or resentment, love just sits there quietly waiting to be invited back in.

To me, self-hate means anything that doesn’t feel good because Truth always feels loving, nourishing, nurturing and safe. So if you are hanging on to some anger from a past relationship or family member, that’s allowing Presence to flow only in what space is left. But then you also have fear too. Fear is a big real estate owner in our hearts. Keep going-what else are you hanging on to that doesn’t feel good. Do you wonder why you can’t manifest abundance? There’s no room!

I think you understand what I am saying here. I spent years working on the outside with abundance goals, strategies, processes, techniques but I was so clogged up with my own pain, nothing could manifest until I spent time healing this pain. I had to learn to love myself, not just through my ego or looking at my body parts. I have had to establish a connection to my true heart where only the pure, positive, holy Presence is. I also now see that without doing the body sensation work and acknowledging that any pain is my self-hate, I would still be struggling to manifest abundance.

Money is my heart…money is my heartmoney is my heart…say it to yourself and see if it resonates or triggers a little something inside you. If you get this down to your core, then you don’t have anything to worry about. This is the “all is well” place where manifestation happens. Reside in this loving heart of yours, and watch your life reflect it back in ways you can’t even imagine.

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Cynthia has been a certified personal and professional coach for over 10 years. She received her certification from Coach U. Cynthia focuses on bringing emotional relief, healing of physical pain and the waking up from beliefs that block success, joy and healthy relationships. She is trained in The Body Transcendent Work, Focusing, Certified Theta Healer and Core Belief repatterning.

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