Stasis - what exactly is that? Do people get stuck in their lives, unable to move forward? Does energy get stuck, causing blockages and other problems? Well, not exactly. Energy is always moving. People are always moving, although they may not feel that they are moving in the direction they would like. Energy never becomes completely "blocked". It can always penetrate other fields of energy to greater or lesser extents. Energy is always flowing, but at differing speeds and vibrations, and in ways that you have not yet grasped on a scientific level.

Let us give you an example. Think of something soft and malleable, like water, and then look at its effects on rocks and stones in riverbeds. Years of pressure can wear the stone away, but something else is at work as well. Why do only certain parts of the stone get worn away? Why is it only smoothed by the water? Because there is an interaction between the energies that scientists do not understand. It is more than gravity and pressure and the polarity of energy fields. It is not exactly a "consciousness" at work, but a penetration of energy fields far beyond what we imagine. The water and stone become something "other". They are altered by this contact on quantum levels.

This is what is happening to everyone at all times. We are all changing, moving, transforming. The more you become conscious of this, the more you can work with these dynamics to shift your energy in ways you choose. The more you can do what you call "moving forward" with your lives.

Here is a tip for putting this into practice. Focus on something small - maybe a bottle of water. Practice infusing the water with the vibration of something you love, something that makes you feel expansive and happy. Then put the bottle aside. Come back later and take a few sips. You may find yourself feeling expansive and happy.

The water is never just water, just as you are never just a collection of biological matter. The water has a vibration, and can therefore hold emotions and even thoughts - your thoughts, other people's thoughts, and thoughts from across the universe!

If you want to feel like you're moving forward, we suggest that you infuse your personal space with high vibrating energy - energy associated with emotions such as love, joy and happiness. Energy that vibrates higher moves faster, and more easily responds to intention. Don't just embody this energy; "enchant" your world with it. Send it out as far as you want. You'll get back whatever you put out there. That's how it works!

You may be wondering how to stay in this space of positive emotions. That's a topic for another day; but it is helpful to maintain your space by actively emanating these energies. Your space will in turn be more supportive to you in embodying positive feelings and emotions, and in transforming energy through intention.

We hope this information is helpful to you. We are the Galactic Frequency Council. Namaste.

Author's Bio: 

Catherine Richardson is a certified life coach, energy intuitive and writer who joyfully assists others in accessing their deepest wisdom, divinity and power. A former corporate attorney, she awakened to her spiritual gifts following a "near death" experience in 2000. She now coaches clients to consciously create their lives through energy transformation and vibrational healing. Her modalities include Emotional Freedom Technique ("EFT"), HBLU Protocol, "Be Set Free Fast", Orion Technique, Sacred Flames & Geometries, Seemorg Matrix and intuitive channeling. Visit her website at and her blog at