A few weeks passed since I last saw Gideon. I as busy with writing, lecturing, laundry, cooking, cleaning and all the other things that seem to make up a part of my rather typical, single parent life. Today, I thought, I’d take a break from everything. No writing this weekend. No special anything,just two days to, perhaps, catch up on my reading, enjoy some music and may be view a movie or two. Malika was away on a trip with friends, while Jonathan was visiting relatives in another state. I miss them when they’re gone,but, in a way, they were stretching their wings and I had the weekend all to myself.

I walked over to the radio and switched it on for no special reason except to hear some noise in the deafening silence of the morning. An old song from the West Indies was playing to a calypso beat. An energetic voice,spiced with Caribbean accent, belted out with rhythm and rhyme, “This is my island in the sun . . .” I sat quietly listening to the upbeat music until I could almost feel the trade winds blowing through my hair and the faint smell of the salt air pervaded the entire house.

It had been years since I visited those tropic isles.I can still remember many evenings, lying on the beach looking at the stars and hearing the hypnotic sound of the eternal tide, the songs of the red birds and the whispering chorus of the wind in the palm trees. It would be heavenly to be there again — if only for a day or two, I thought. How totally refreshing it would be. A rapping on the back door interrupted my daydream, as I got up to see who would be calling at this hour.

I was somewhat surprised to see Gideon and Marla this early and immediately asked them in. He was dressed in a dark, beautifully tailored business suit, blue shirt, red tie and black, well-polished shoes of the finest leather. He appeared as if he were about to attend a board of director’s meeting. She wore shorts, a light, tropical cotton blouse and sandals. On her head a straw hat tilted at an angle and her long, golden hair fell in waves over her shoulders. She seemed destined for the beach. Surveying all this at a glance, I motioned them to sit.

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