Learning To Love Your Whole Body

What parts of yourself are the most difficult for you to love? Your nose, ears, eyes, hands,stomach, thighs, feet?

If you were to look at my picture, you'd see that I have a gap between my front teeth. I’ve had a hard time learning to love this part of myself. There are other parts of me -- my hair, my fingernails and so on -- that I’ve also had difficulty loving.

Here’s a practice that I’ve found helpful in loving all of my body.

1. Close your eyes and let your attention go to a part of your body you want to love. Let your attentionrest softly on that part of your body.

2. Then say, “I love my _______ ” (fill in the blank with that part of your body). If you don’t love that part of your body, say “I love myself for not loving my _______.”

3. Take a slow, easy breath and allow yourself to sense that part of your body from the inside out. As you do so, you might feel sad, awkward or feel a glow of well-being. Let whatever happens be okay.

4. When you’re ready, move on to another part of your body to love.

Love as many parts of your body as you like (including internal parts - like your lungs, heart, brain, blood, etc.).

Complete the process by sensing your entire body and saying “I love my whole body.”

You can also go through this practice with a close friend. Ask him or her to rest their attention and love on each part of your body you name. Then switch roles. Enjoy!

Author's Bio: 

Since 1995, Gregory Newman, M.S. has coached individuals and couples in body-centered skills that have made it easier for their lives, relationships and careers to blossom. Greg coaches over-the-phone and in-person and can be reached at 608-274-6962 or greg@bodycenteredcoach.com