Being on earth needs teamwork. We have great latent spiritual resources to draw upon, whether you call it God, Universal Intelligence, Spirit or whatever. There is a divine plan for each of us, but it is not predestination. Think of it like your plan for your child to go to school. You know the overall plan for them, how many years to graduation, what subjects will be compulsory and which will be optional. They don’t know all of that, nor do they need to. Thinking about the next year is enough for them. They trust you and the school system to lead them through.

However, free will still rules supreme, so if they decide to steal someone’s book, you’re not going to buy their story if they say, “Well it happened, so it was meant to be.” If they make a big mistake and deviate widely from your original plan for them like failing a whole year, is all lost? No. You adjust the plan and tell them the consequences and what is the best thing to do from here on. It’s up to them to take your guidance into consideration, including in choosing what courses to take or how to balance their academic and sports activities.

So it is in life. God has a plan for each of us, which we do not know in its entirety. We trust Him to take care of the future and guide us along the way. But we still have to make our own decisions and do our own planning. God gave us the loving gift of free will, and He expects us to use it wisely. The more choices we make, even though some will be wrong, the more we learn. God does not want us to sit around like puppets waiting to be told what to do. He expects us to be proactive, to use our ingenuity and help make things happen to make the world a better place. He helps those who help themselves. The more spiritually mature we become, the better we’ll be able to get a good balance between trusting in divine destiny and doing our part to help it manifest.

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Craig Nicholson is a writer, inspirational speaker, professional pilot, and founder of the websites Balance for Wholesome Living and The One-Stop Survival Preparedness Guide.