Do you know that there are NO LIMITS on your life? None. There’s no chain tying you to a fence, there’s no deadlines or timelines. It’s the truth, my friend – the world is your oyster. The only limits you encounter are the ones that you place there… I can hear the excuses now. I know because I make them too. That is an old way of thinking that someone has planted in your brain – and you’ve allowed it to stay there. “That’s a pipe dream.” “You don’t have enough money.” “You aren’t smart enough.” “Artists don’t make a living.” “That isn’t practical.” Sound familiar? Some of us were lucky to have parents and mentors that encouraged us to do whatever we set our mind to. Many of us had little support that way, and we walk this world wondering if our dreams will ever come true. Well, I’m here to tell you that they can. All of them. No reason or rationale should stop you from having what you want and doing what you want, as long as your desires come from a place of integrity, selflessness and love.
Set yourself free today by looking at your limitations, then one-by-one, remove the blocks in front of you…those are stumbling blocks. If they feel too heavy to lift, then jump on top of them and leap to the other side. Just like the stones on a beach, they become larger and heavier the more time we allow each grain of sand to accumulate. Those grains of sand add up through fear, laziness, resentment or rebellion. The interesting thing is that your stumbling block is only hurting yourself and can be easily demolished. How? With love, hope, dreams, ambition and faith.
It may be a goal, a relationship, a dream, a career, an education or your health that is calling to your soul. Can you still see your desires, or are your self-imposed limitations creating boulders higher than your dreams? If you set your heart to something, it will lead you to it. Period. There is enough money – get creative or make some sacrifices. There is enough time, sit down and do a time-budget. There is hope for healing – seek alternative routes. There is a way, meditate and pray to seek divine wisdom. It will come. Don’t let yourself get in your own way. Blocks and stones are not flexible, but when you remove them and demolish your fears, you’ll step into a sea of opportunity flowing toward you constantly. Dive in!

Author's Bio: 

Leah Guy is an accomplished author, producer and television host. Creator of A Girl Named Guy Productions, her insight and enthusiasm for living a life on purpose has motivated viewers around the world. A southern girl at heart, with a Yankee address.