Anger is one emotion we all have. For some of us anger is the primaryway we express our needs when we get upset. What is interesting aboutanger is that it is usually a response to some other emotion we arehaving. Really give it some thought. Think about the last time youwere really upset. Were you upset because someone hurt your feelings?Perhaps it was because you felt blamed or were minimized? Anger isusually a secondary response on the "emotional food chain". There isusually some other emotion that precedes it. Learning to understand ourtrue feelings that get masked by anger is the first way to understandhow we can express our anger more effectively.

Taking a class in anger management can be really helpful. Angermanagement classes are not just for people that broke the law and getsent by the courts. Anger management classes are used by corporations,managers, law offices, school personal, families and volunteer. Mostgood anger management classes teach skills that many of us just don'tlearn in school or in life. You will learn better ways of communicatingso that your true feelings and needs get expressed.

Most anger management classes teach skills in assertiveness. Learningto be assertive will help get your feeling, needs, and mood expressed inthe most appropriate way. When we speak assertively, we do it in areasonable tone, we don't use profanity, we make good eye contact, andwe feel good about ourselves. The opposite of being assertive is beingaggressive, passive-aggressive or just passive.

You will also learn ways to reduce stress. When we reduce stress wefeel better. We also help increase our life expectancy because highlevels of stress over prolong period of time can have damaging effectsto our bodies (and our minds). Anger management classes will oftenteach you the skills you need to identify and mange stress in ways younever thought possible.

Most anger management classes also teach skills in increasing ourempathy. When we increase our empathy we are better able understand thefeelings other people might be experiencing. Becoming more empathicgives us the ability to not get as frustrated with others and havebetter insight into our own feelings. Many anger management classesteach these skills. They are valuable because they help us becomebetter working with others as well as having stronger more rewardingrelationships.

The bottom line is, don't wait to have anger ruin a valued relationship.Anger is an emotion that can be understood. Bad behavior can beunlearned and replaced with more positive and appropriate actions. Themore you can understand about your own anger the faster you will be ableto do something about it. Most people let anger control their lives.In many cases anger has ruined lives by destroying relationships anddissolving partnerships. Learning skills in an anger management classcould change your life for the better. Enroll in a class and try itout. Getting the help you need could save you more than realize. for more information.

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Ari Novick, M.A.
AJ Novick Group