Living in the Now is a must if you’re going to be happy. For one thing, Now is all you ever have. Now is where life is happening. If you’re somewhere other than Now, you’re missing out on life.

You’re conditioned to live in the past and the future. You miss out on life because you never spend time in the Now, in the present. You’re spending your time in the past, reviewing how you would have a better life if only you had done this or that. You live in regret. Many people spend time pining over the past, reviewing in their mind the “good old days.” How can I get back to the good old days? How can I get back to the time when I was happy? How can I get back to the time when my life worked? Nostalgia is living in the past.
Or, you’re in a dream about the future. When I finally get my life straightened out, I’ll be able to be happy. When I finally get the money I need, I’ll be happy. When I get out of debt, I’ll be happy. When I finally meet Mr. or Ms. Right, I’ll be happy. When I get this or that fixed in my life I’ll be happy. When my ship comes in, I’ll be happy.
You spend a lot of time thinking about upcoming events. You think you need to have something “to look forward to.” You lament the present, the Now saying, “I don’t have anything to look forward to.” Or, “ I ‘m only happy because I’m looking forward to my vacation.” “I’m happy because I’m looking forward to the time when all of this can be put behind me.”

All of this thinking about the past and future is stealing your life. You do not have the past and you do not have the future. You only have Now, right Now. The present moment is all you ever have. You miss out on the present moment by living in the past and the future.

When you’re going over the past in your mind, thinking about it, you’re unhappy. You’re either regretting the past, pining over the “good old days,” or you’re comparing and saying your present is not nearly as good as your past. When you’re spending your Now in the future you’re not satisfied with Now and you think some future Now will be happier.

Right Now is all you ever have. If you’re awake when Now is happening, you see Now is always New. Now is when you can be alive when you can live. Now is where all life is happening. If you miss out on Now, because you’re spending time in the dead past or you’re living in imaginations about the future, you’re robbing yourself of happiness.

Thinking is the culprit which steals the Now.

Thinking is the noisemaker playing in your mind all the time. Thinking keeps you distracted 24/7 because it blocks out the present, the Now. Thinking is running all the time in the background and usually in the foreground of your life. You miss life because you spend it thinking, thinking, thinking. Somewhere along the line you got the impression you need to think. If you examine thinking, thoughts, you’ll see they’re negative. They’re negative because the more thoughts you have the less happy you are, the more confused you are, the more miserable you are, the more anxious and nervous you are. Thoughts take you out of the Now.

Someone is talking to you. You miss what they said because you’re not present, you’re not in the Now. You’re thinking. It’s called being in lala land. Someone says something, you cease being in the Now, you go into your mind, which is all about the past, information stored from the past. You compare what’s been said with what’s in your mind, missing out on the present, the Now. You didn’t hear what they said because you weren’t there.

How often have you caught a glimpse of something beautiful and you look back to see it and it’s gone? You missed it because you were not in the Now. That’s how you’re living your life. You’re missing it because you’re not present. You’re not in the Now. You’re in your mind thinking about the past or future. You miss out on Now. How much of your life do you miss because you’re stuck in your mind thinking about something that’s gone or something ahead?

To live in the Now, begin to let go of your thoughts, to let go of thinking. You live in a world which believes thinking rules. You think you must use your mind so you can be happy. You must figure this all out. You must think your way through this. You want to know. You think you must use your mind and get to the bottom of this or that. Step back and take a look, you’ll see, all thinking does is make you sick and miserable and lacking. All your thinking does is steal your life. Seldom does your thinking say anything positive to you. You live with this thick curtain of thoughts which steal your life and keep you out of the Now.

Your thinking, your thoughts, are bandits stealing away your life.

The Release Technique is about letting go of the past, the past thoughts you put in your mind a long time ago. The Release Technique is about letting go of thinking which is stealing your life, stealing your Now. The Release Technique is about being in the Now and allowing your real, natural self to run your life. The Release Technique is letting go of the accumulation of distracting, disturbing thoughts which block your intuitive, all knowing self. The Release Technique is letting go of negativity and living in the Now where you’re not weighed down by past or present thinking, thinking, thinking. The Release Technique is letting go of thinking and living in the present, the Now, where you’re not bothered by anyone or anything and you can be happy all the time.

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