The “placebo-effect” is a term we hear over and over again! Is “placebo” just an excuse for not knowing what really happened?

Many tests and experiments are simply executed, when testing medicine and related products. The patients are divided up into two, or maybe 3 groups. 1 testing the medicine/product! The second are to believe they are testing the same product, but could just be taking harmless chalk pills instead. Then maybe a third group testing an already known product.

Can we really be sure of the outcome of these tests? Can we really? I surely doubt it. Let’s take a look at the second group, who actually doesn’t receive any treatment, but only think they are. Often the most remarkable results are from this group. Why! Those with the good results stand out in one particular way! They strongly believe in the effect. And even more often, the “placebo-effect” doesn’t just take away the symptoms as the “real” medicine should; it dissolved the entire problem that causes the symptoms.

And every single time doctors and professors say “that is just placebo-effect”. Well I’d rather have a jar of that then a pill with many chemicals and ingredients that might make me allergic or even worse then I already am.

Why not accept and study the real effect of thought? There have been many books over the past few years, telling us to manifest and believe the power of thought and all that. I think we will have to understand how to heal and trust ourselves, before you can go to the next step and manifest you thought outside of yourself.

Also being a healer myself, I witness great healing and recovery with those who strongly believe they will recover. If you truly give up hope, hope will disappear.

Where I come from (Denmark) doctors etc. are very conservative and will usually reject any explanation beyond their “Doctors manual”. Isn’t their work based upon herbs, healing and power of thought in the first place? Western medicine has taken a radical turn into the chemical industry, where one type of medicine develops the need for another, and another…. And so on!

They say they save lives, but why don’t they try and find the cause, and then treat that instead of the symptoms? Maybe I’m wrong, but this have worked for my clients for many years, even clients who are former patients given up by doctors. It makes you think, doesn’t it! The surprising contrast to this is that a recent study of nurses reveals that almost 50% of the nurses in Denmark have an alternative/holistic education. So when do they see the light on the higher levels of the industry.

So back to the “believe” part. The power of thought. Many people/clients who doesn’t believe, or even know that their thoughts have power, are often convinced after a session of hypnosis.

Many of my colleagues tell me story after story of clients, who come to them for anxiety of surgery, visiting the dentist etc. And when they are being checked up before surgery, the problem is gone. And in disbelief the doctors do another test and another test with same result. And they will probably never accept the fact that the client healed themselves during hypnosis.

What I experience is if you make the client focus on the “problem” or part of body which is sick, a sudden warm feeling appears on that exact spot. If you as a hypnotist work on that matter, you will be able to help your client remove any sickness they want. Only catch – they must believe. It is quite simple, because if they feel the warmth, we are already there. Give the body time to heal, and often it will be gone in hours or days. So really focus on what words you use. The power of imagination is enlightened by this, and will make the changes needed.

Think about it!

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