Creating a sense of order in the kitchen may not seem like fun but the results can be astonishing. Much of my daily life takes place in the kitchen—cooking, eating and conversing. I believe the kitchen is truly the heart of my home. If your kitchen is the heart of your home, then pay attention to how disorder in this room affects every aspect of your life.

Start organizing in the kitchen and you will be on your way to obtaining the organized environment you are dreaming about. Tackle this task one-small-step-at-a-time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Set aside 15 minutes every day to work in one specific area. This is how I did it.

I started with the visible areas—the table, chairs, counter, stove top and refrigerator door by determining the purpose of each spot. I vowed to keep them accessible for their intended use. The primary function of the table and chairs is for the pleasure of sitting down to eat a meal and enjoying a friendly chat with family and friends. A cleared counter and stove top makes meal preparation easier. Keeping the refrigerator door free of magnets and pictures prevents knocking things on the floor every time I open the door or nudge it shut. Keeping the sink empty and polished reflects my attitude of being in control.

Once the visible areas were clutter-free, I tackled the cupboards and drawers. I purged, sorted and organized according to function. I found storage space in the basement for items used occasionally which allowed more space in the kitchen for every day items. Food preparation and cooking supplies were placed in cabinets near the stove and available counter space. Dishes, silverware and glasses were stored within the proximity of the dishwasher along with table setting items.

As I consciously evaluated the importance of every item in my kitchen, I was able to let go of those things that did not serve a purpose in my life at this time. It was a pleasure to pass on unused and unloved items. A funny thing happened in the process: I added space. Yup, more space for the treasures of my life without the clutter, chaos and confusion.

By polishing the kitchen sink every night before heading to bed, I set the stage for a peaceful haven in the kitchen as it was intended to be.

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