Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
--Lida Clarkson

We all want life to unfold according to our plan. After all, we are certain we know what's best for us. But hindsight quickly reminds us that few, if any, of us had included recovery in a Twelve Step program as part of our life's plan. Yet here we are, and we are now more content than we've ever been in our lives. How did this happen?

We have come to accept that God has worked in our lives in spite of ourselves. We have been protected and guided all along the way, even though on occasion we stubbornly attempted to force open doors that were not beneficial to our growth. Fortunately our Higher Power never gave up on us. We will fulfill our purpose with all the help we need when the time is right.

Remembering that opportunities come to us when their time is right allows us to wait and trust.

My patience will pay off today. I can be certain that what comes to me today is on time.
What great words, but will I ever learn?
I am constantly reminded that patience is a virtue, on the golf course, in relationships and in life. When I practice it, things go so much better, but it is a learned skill, not something that comes naturally to me.
Funny, there are many things I have tried to be patient over, and not force doors open. Some things pay off, others get frustrating. I wonder at times if patience can’t be used as a cover for procrastination; but then I must remember there is a god’s will that is different than mine at times!
Hard to believe that!
Life is not unfolding as I had planned it, but it is unfolding. I never would have guessed as much challenge would have come along in recovery, but then, I know I’m only given what I can handle, and have handled the crap to date without going back to mood altering substance and the problems that came with that behavior.
I will wait with patience for the sweet fruit and keep my journey going as I understand it is meant to. I am will remain grateful for the blessings received. When there is adversity going on, it is easy to forget the many great things I do enjoy in life.
I’ll keep trying to stay out of my own way!! I hope to become ready.

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