The famous poem by Marianne Williamson makes me think about how often we bury our aspirations under a bushel of self-doubt, insecurity, fear and procrastination. When we shrink, minimize and deny our strengths, talents and God given abilities, we shortchange ourselves and the world.

All of us are meant to shine our lights into the world in our own unique and magnificent way. It may be pursuing a long held dream, making significant life changes to live your best life now. It may involve taking a risk to achieve a goal. No matter what your dream is, just know that it is YOUR dream and you are the only one who can bring it to fruition.

Your greatness, who you are and how you are to present your gifts to the world is in the palm of your hand. Won't you shine your light into the world starting now and be the person you were created to be?

Have you been hiding, playing small, and questioning your right to live out loud? Use the following tips to begin brightly shining your unique light into the world:

Showcase your talents - Get out into the world and share your dreams and gifts. Start with trusted friends and colleagues. Too many times, even your closest friends may not know your heart's desire for your life. When you are more comfortable, venture into your community - volunteer, serve on committees, join groups. Doing so will open the door wider for you to share what you have to offer the world.

Start small - the group or organization you've always wanted to join is just waiting for you to show up. In small group settings, you can express your opinions and offer information and suggestions in a safe environment. Show up often and speak up often. You never know when you have just the piece of information or suggestion someone is waiting for.

Be a good listener - Watch body language carefully; listen intently as the other person speaks to show your interest. Ask questions that encourage more dialogue.

Create a vision for your life - How often do you think about starting a business, going back to school, writing a book, changing careers or getting a promotion? The things you think about most often could be the beginning of your vision. It's not enough to think about your vision. It needs to be written down so that it is a vivid reminder of what you want. Your vision sets the stage for future achievable goals.

Make time for your dream and vision -Spend some time dreaming and creating your vision. Sending as little as 15 minutes a day can make a big difference towards creating a vision for your life. When you spend time dreaming about the who, what and where you want to be, it reinforces your commitment and keeps the dream alive.

If you are ready to create your vision and pursue your dream life, partner with me and you can quickly be on the tract to becoming the person of your dreams.

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Gladys M. Anderson provides unwavering support for professional, gifted and wise women who are ready to live life out loud with enthusiasm, energy, passion, and self-confidence. Gladys mixes years of experience as a therapist and coach, life experiences and a passion for empowering women to make powerful life-changing ways of being to become the person of their dreams. Contact me at so together we can co-create the life you were designed to have.