I was at a restaurant recently, and a young woman was our server, and she had a frown on her face. I said, “How are you today?” She responded short and curt “Fine. What would you like to drink?” She wasn’t into this lets talk and be cordial, for we might have a little more fun in our day. No, she was definitely one of those who just wanted to get through the day. Lately I’ve been into talking to people who serve me, and they think it’s nice, and they enjoy that someone shows interest and cares about them.

What would happen if you were a server at a restaurant and you actually smiled, and talked congenially with your customers? I would bet that you would receive a bigger tip than most. That smile would inform others that you are a warm and friendly person. No matter what kind of job you had, a smile is worth a thousand words.

For the day, monitor what really happens after you share your smile. How many smile back? How many looked away, or grunted? Hopefully with your smile comes your positive energy and vibration. The smile makes a “you care” kind of statement to the world. That you truly have meaning behind that smile, especially if you share kind words. In business you want to attract customers, clients, and others. You want to attract people who believe in you. The smile is the first action step taken in creating and attracting success.

Think about the real definition of smile. I would guess that the corners of your mouth have already turned up into that smile. Along with that smile, comes a warm feeling inside your heart. Smiling will enhance your business, and your life. Add the words hi or hello to that smile and the world will be yours.

What do you take for granted? How much do you spend on really saying a word of gratitude? Think about this long and hard. Close your eyes, and follow your day inside your mind. Did you say thank you to the people in your life that did something for you? Here’s where it’s going to get messy. Even though people who do something may well be people who are expected to do something for the business, wouldn’t it be nice to say to them, “Hey, thank you for a job well done. If you are in the service kind of business, wouldn’t it be a great gesture to say, “Hey, thanks for being here, and I appreciate the hard work you’ve been doing.”

Thank you for some of us is very hard to express. This could be just as easily accomplished as the smile. Begin to make it a habit to incorporate it within your day. You want that thank you to have meaning so, it’s best not to overdue and use it generically for all the time, and for every situation. No, thank you needs to be sincere, and earnest. Thank you will allow more abundance and success in your endeavors.

Please is another word from the English language that is becoming extinct. I am a school librarian, and I see our students who are 19 years old and younger, who have no idea what the words please and thank you are. For all I know they don’t know how to express their gratitude. This is kind of scary to me because these young kids will be the future leaders of many types of businesses, or working for others. I firmly believe that the words, please and thank you go a long way in creating a link to the human race.

All of these words are for everyone to use, and use them at any moment. You may use them from the grocery store checkout line to the bank drive-in. Whenever a transaction occurs between you and others, then use please and thank you and your day will improve. Let’s take that server at the beginning of this article. If she could have smiled when I gave her a smile, then I believe her day would have been better. The goal is to attract what you want and desire. Even if you are experiencing or come in contact with someone who has a “bad day”, this is where you need to use your mouth to smile, your words to say please and thank you.

These words: smile, please and thank you have a deeper meaning beyond just being polite, and beyond everyday usage. No matter whether you are the boss, or the custodian your day will improve with a smile a please and a thank you. I bet you certainly would like to receive these words yourself. So go out into the world, and please smile; thank you.

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Fleharty is a mild-mannered school librarian, who loves moonlighting as a writer. She has written many articles, and is associate editor of Succes.bz, and is now a Personal Life Coach.

Carrie practices a deeply spiritual life, and attempts to incorporate her spirituality among the experiences of being human. She uses her spiritual teachings to impart her hard learned knowledge to others through her writing and coaching. She has written two books which are waiting to get published. One is about changing focus from a half-empty cup to a full cup. The other book explores the dark, muck and mire of my life, and how to overcome and become joyous, content and at peace.