"Re-ignite the flame in your relationship"

For many people, after being married for a certain amount of time you get comfortable in your relationship. This is not a bad thing, however comfort sometimes leads to a lack of excitement. I myself have been married almost 11 years, and between kids, work and home, it is very easy to put the relationship on the side burner. It is easy to take the relationship for granted and then we wonder why we feel disconnected. Like anything in your life, if you neglect an area of your life too long, then you forget what it takes to keep it nurtured and alive. Many people naively assume everything is ok, until the relationship has gotten stuck in a ditch. Sometimes it is too late to fix what went wrong, too much time on your own creates two individuals that don't know each other anymore. Why not put a similar amount of time and energy into your marriage that you put into your work and your family? Why not nurture your marriage and let the other person know how important they are to you and your future? Take some time this week to re-ignite the flame in your relationship. Make it a priority and set aside some uninterrupted time to reconnect and share some laughs!


1. Remember the past
What did you enjoy doing in the early years? Did you spend time taking walks together? Did you see plays and movies? Did you enjoy a weekly night out at a fun restaraunt? Jot down activities that brought the two of you closer and then commit to scheduling some of those in your life today.

2. Get to know the "now"
Of course with time people change and their interests change. What would be fun for you and your partner today? Have they expressed interest in trying out a new activity? Do they enjoy getting together with other couples? Let your partner know you care by getting on board with an activity that they would truly enjoy.

3. Date nights
Because of the hectic pace of life in general, it is very easy to get consumed with other obligations. Make a commitment to yourself and your partner to schedule in some dates with one another. Meet for lunch. Meet at a favorite restaurant after dinner. Hire the babysitter and leave for the evening. Put it in your calendar like any other activity or it simply won't happen. Enjoy this time and get to know each other all over again!

Good Luck!
Have a great week!


Author's Bio: 

Leslie Gail is a Certified Life Coach who supports busy people in achieving personal and professional success without compromising their values. Leslie is on a panel of experts for KOSI radio in Denver, she publishes articles and appears regularly on 7News in Denver. Contact Leslie directly at http://www.newlifefocus.com or call 866 779-0731